Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 295

And this scene!
Not only are they dumbfounded!
Even the iron-faced gray wolf, Wen Qian and others in the wolf hall were all taken aback.
They obviously didn’t expect that Master Dao and Master Tiger would come here aggressively with so many subordinates!
“Good! Great… Great!”
The iron-faced gray wolf who was almost scared to pee, as if seeing his own savior.
He quickly ran towards Master Dao and Master Tiger!
“Master Dao! Master Tiger! You guys are great!”
“I encountered a hard stubble today, hurry up! You send someone to help me get rid of this guy, and I promise to provide you with one hundred black boxers every year! “The Iron-faced Gray Wolf has always had a good friendship with Master Dao and Master Tiger.
Even, many of these two big brothers were from the black boxers he had cultivated.
Such as mourning dogs and black bears!
And now!
When Lord Dao and Lord Tiger came, the Iron-faced Gray Wolf first felt that these two came to help him, so how could he not be happy.
Not only him!
At this moment, Wen Qian, who was almost desperate, flashed a hint of hope in her eyes.
She also knew that the friendship between Lord Wolf and the two big brothers was irreversible.
And now!
“Lin Fan, your retribution is coming!”
“You can hit dozens of people, but can you still hit hundreds of people? Haha…” At this moment, Wen Qian smiled very viciously.
She seemed to see the hope of revenge once again, seeing the tragic situation of Lin Fan being abolished.
After hearing the iron-faced wolf’s help.
Master Dao and Master Tiger nodded unexpectedly, and then the two big tycoons, with Wu’s pressing subordinates, walked towards the ring together!
This scene made the little beggar and everyone else look as pale as paper.
That’s it!
This is Master Dao and Master Tiger!
The little beggar and others, even if they have faith in Lin Fan, they don’t believe that Lin Fan alone can be worthy of the two overlords of the underground forces in Jiang City!
“Big brother, run! Run!” At this moment, the little beggar was almost crying and reminded Lin Fan loudly.
However, what made him stunned!
After Lin Fan heard his shout, not only did he not have the slightest intention to escape, but his hands were turned on his back, and the whole person looked relaxed and content!
This scene stunned many customers around.
They couldn’t think that after the helper of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Lin Fan was so indifferent after the two big Jiang City rulers came, is there a problem with this guy’s head?
“Master Dao! Master Tiger! Have you seen it? This kid is so rampant! He doesn’t take the underground forces of our Jiang City in his eyes at all!” “Abolish him! For my brother Revenge, for our Jiang City underground forces, let out a bad breath!”
The grinning smile at the corner of the iron-faced gray wolf’s mouth became more intense.
At this moment, following the two domineering bosses, they were aggressive and came to the ring!
But, just in his voice, it just fell!
He was stunned to see!
Headed by Master Dao and Master Tiger, with a total of two to three hundred people, they bowed to Lin Fan on the ring:
“I’m sorry to see Mr. Lin, sorry, I’m late with the knife!”
“Sorry BOSS! Black Tiger is late, please BOSS punish!”
Accompanied by the voices of the two big men.
In addition, the black and white, countless big men in black and white, bowed in salute.
be quiet!
At this moment, the mouth of the iron-faced gray wolf, the open boss, and his jaw almost fell off in shock.
The smile on Wen Qian’s face solidified completely.
She couldn’t believe what she saw and heard!

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