Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 299

Jiangshi in the afternoon!
A piece of news shocked the whole city.
Known as the manufacturing factory of Jiang City’s “Black Boxer”, the third-ranked wolf hall by underground forces was uprooted within a day.
Headed by the owner of the hall, Iron-faced Gray Wolf, there were more than 70 black boxers, all of whom were deposed.
As soon as this disappeared, the city was in an uproar.
No one can imagine what kind of existence it is that can turn this terrifying place like the Wolf Hall into a cloud of smoke at a glance.
The Iron-faced Gray Wolf is the only black boxer in the Jiangshi underground boxing arena in the last three years.
His being abolished even more shocked all the forces in Jiang City.
One rumor swept through like a violent storm.
Some people say that Lord Beicheng Dao and Lord Tiger Nancheng mobilized all the elites under them, and together they eliminated the wolf hall.
Others say that the wolf hall offended a terrifying strong man and was uprooted by one person.
There are even more rumors.
After that, the hundred strong men in the wolf hall surrounded and beat one person, but they were killed, crushed and destroyed.
Suddenly, the city was full of wind and rain.
But what is shocking is that all the customers and parties in the wolf hall at the time remained silent, and no one came forward to explain what happened.
All the people present at the time seemed to be afraid of someone.
This made the real cause of the destruction of the Wolf Hall more confusing and confusing.
And just outside, the city was full of storms.
Inside a hospital ward.
A young man stood in front of the hospital bed, his expression gloomy almost dripping out:
“Canglang, are you too rubbish? There are more than a hundred black boxers, how can they not be a little door-to-door son-in-law!” The young man is Duan Chun.
He looked at the appearance of the iron-faced wolf lying weak and limp on the hospital bed, a face filled with anger and unwillingness.
five million!
Floating for nothing.
Even one of Lin Fan’s hairs was not injured, which made him almost vomiting blood with anger.
Heard this!
Canglang’s complexion became even more pale. He coughed violently, and then said weakly:
“Shao Duan, we are not to blame for this! Instead, you are to blame!”
Duan Chun was taken aback when he heard this, and then frowned instantly, and said with dissatisfaction:
“Blame me? Canglang, are you scared stupid by the son-in-law? I pay, you kill, and finally How can you blame me for failing?”
Canglang’s eyes were cold, and his face was angrily said:
“Shao Duan said he is a trash, a little son-in-law!”
“That’s a fart! !”
Duan Chun frowned and asked puzzledly: “What do you mean by this?”
What do you mean?
At this moment, the gray wolf seemed to recall the scene at that time. His pale face still showed a deep look of horror:
“That guy, the strength is beyond imagination, my brothers, there is no one in him. You can survive a trick!”
“A hundred of my brothers surrounded and beat this person together, but a full 73 of them were destroyed by this person! If he is a trash, then what are you and me!”
The words of Canglang immediately made Duan Chun’s body tremble.
No one has survived a move!
Hundreds of people surrounded and beaten, and were scrapped seventy-three!
This… how is this possible.
With a hint of coldness, Duan Chun’s soles of feet rushed straight to his forehead at this moment, making his scalp numb:
“Canglang, you mean, your wolf hall was destroyed, it was not the hands of the sword and the tiger? ”
It’s the son-in-law who did it alone?”

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