Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 303

Shen Jie!
After seeing the oncoming person who turned out to be his cousin Shen Jie, Bai Yi’s pretty face changed slightly at the moment, and he wanted to avoid Lin Fan!
But at this moment.
“Bai Yi!” A shout came, and suddenly made Bai Yi’s figure wanting to leave, giving a slight pause.
“Why? Do you hate my cousin so much? When you see me, you want to leave without saying hello?” Shen Jie’s mouth was full of mockery.
When he heard this, Bai Yi could only bite the bullet and said:
“Cousin, I… I didn’t mean that!”
She really didn’t want to see Shen Jie.
In particular, since the last time that the Linhai City Fei family’s $100 million order was taken by their own Bai family group, all the Shen family looked at themselves, as if they had seen the murderer’s enemy.
This makes Bai Yi helpless and helpless.
“!! Well here less pathetic show off the” Shen Jie face ridicule, then Da Lielie said:
“! This time, I come to you specifically,”
Bai Yi was taken aback, she didn’t understand, what Shen Jie was looking for.
At this moment, Shen Jie pointed to the young man next to him, and then said with a smile:
“This is the young master of the Qi family of the second family in Linhai City-Qi Siyuan!”
Qi family!
Hearing this name, Bai Yi was shocked.
Linhai City is a third-tier city next to Jiang City.
The first family is naturally the Fei family.
And under the Fei family, it is the Qi family.
The scale of the Qi family’s industry is not inferior to that of the Fei family. This is an established family with extremely strong strength, especially in the entertainment industry. Qi family’s assets are almost all over the 14 cities in Jiangnan!
It can be said that it is the entertainment leader in Jiangnan Province.
At this moment, the young man named Qi Siyuan, after seeing Bai Yi, his eyes were instantly attracted.
As a young and old in the entertainment industry, he has seen countless beauties, but just like Bai Yi, this is the first time he has seen such an intellectual beauty.
A trace of hot luster flashed from Qi Siyuan’s eyes, and the look in his eyes made him want to swallow Bai Yi.
“I don’t know, what is wrong with Qi Shao looking for me?”
Bai Yi extremely disliked Qi Siyuan’s fiery gaze. She frowned and asked indifferently.
But, Qi Siyuan did not feel as if white Iraqi impatience, but smiling, he said:
“!! This is not the place to speak, let’s go next to a tavern, and also my Qijia industry, where we have to talk,”
said !
Qi Siyuan didn’t care about Bai Yi’s disagreement, and went straight to lead the way with Shen Jie.
As if he has extreme self-confidence, Bai Yi two will definitely keep up.
See this scene!
Bai Yi’s pretty face became more and more difficult to look:
“Lin Fan, do we want to go?” I don’t know why!
Bai Yi is now relying more and more heavily on Lin Fan, and for many things, he unconsciously wants to consult Lin Fan.
Hearing this, Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Let’s go! Look at what medicine this guy sells in the gourd!”
Lin Fan took Bai Yi and followed Shen Jie directly to a pub in front of him.
When a group of four people just entered the tavern, they were seated.
Qi Siyuan’s eyes couldn’t help but glanced at Lin Fan indifferently, and his voice was cold and cold:
“Boy, what are you, who let you sit with this young master!”
“The person I invited is Shen Jie and Bai Yi! Which green onion are you!”
In a word, Bai Yi’s pretty face was ugly to the extreme in an instant.

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