Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 305

That’s right!
Now, the Pill of Resurrection is on the market. Normally, Qi Siyuan would never buy this paper prescription as long as he is not stupid.
And his real plan is to buy the prescription and start developing it.
After that, it will use all means to destroy the Baishi Group’s Resurrection Pill sales.
Even, let the Bai Group be completely finished.
At that time, the gold mine of Resurrection Pills will be firmly in their hands, even if it is one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, or even one million for each Resurrection Pill!
Those patients, even if their families went bankrupt, would definitely be in droves!
It’s just that he didn’t expect that Bai Yi could see through his plan at a glance, and even directly broke it.
For a time!
The atmosphere is somewhat depressing and dull.
However, Qi Siyuan shook his head and smiled, looking at Bai Yi, his more aggressive, that kind of look, he can’t wait to swallow Bai Yi’s whole life:
“Since Bai is not selling, then I can’t force it!”
“But, now Let’s talk about it, the second business!” The second business !
Bai Yi was taken aback for a moment. She didn’t expect that Qi Siyuan would not give up after a frustration and wanted to continue business talks.
At the moment, Bai Yi could only ask:
“I don’t know, what is Qi Shao’s second business?”
“It’s you!”
Qi Siyuan stared at Bai Yi and said straight out:
“Tonight, you accompany me! Like me, I will give you five hundred million!”
As soon as these words came out, Bai Yi and Lin Fan’s expressions changed instantly.
They didn’t expect Qi Siyuan to be so blunt and overbearing that he wanted to spend five hundred million in exchange for Bai Yi for one night.
Especially, this is still in front of Lin Fan, speaking directly, it is simply trampling on Lin Fan’s dignity.
Not only them!
Even Shen Jie didn’t even think that Qi Siyuan would say such a thing.
Qi Siyuan didn’t care about the anger of Bai Yi and others at all. Instead, he looked like he was determined to win and said:
“Bai Yi, before I came, I heard that you are the president of Jiang City’s first beauty. Now when I see it, the rumors are true. ! ” ”
As long as you promise me one night to accompany me on the trip, I can give you five one hundred million in vain! ”
Qi Siyuan looked up and down at Bai Yi’s figure, and then said evilly:
“Although you are the president of the Bai Group, you don’t have many shares at all! Even if you are the president for a lifetime, you can’t make five. A hundred million!”
“And now, the opportunity is right in front of you, presumably, your husband won’t refuse, right?”
After saying that, Qi Siyuan couldn’t help looking at Lin Fan, his smile getting stronger.
Hit people with money!
Hit the man on his knees and hit the woman to lie down!
This is what Qi Siyuan likes most and what he is best at doing.
Before that!
He used to use a large sum of money in front of many couples to let their wives sleep with him.
Even, many wives do not want to be humiliated, but the husband cannot withstand the temptation of such a huge sum of money to persuade his wife to obey.
And now!
Five hundred million!
He believed that this huge sum of money could also be smashed to Lin Fan’s knees and Bai Yi to lie down.
When Qi Siyuan looked at Lin Fan, Lin Fan was also looking at him.
In particular, Lin Fan didn’t seem to be ashamed, but instead said with a smile:
“Qi Shao really made a lavish move, and once he shot it, it was five hundred million!”
Lin Fan’s words could not hear the slightest anger.
But falling in Qi Siyuan’s ears, he immediately thought that Lin Fan’s heart was moved. Next, this guy would definitely persuade Bai Yi to stay with him for one night and never get huge assets.
Not only him!
Seeing that Lin Fan didn’t even feel irritated at all, but after complimenting Qi Siyuan for his extravagance.
Bai Yi and Shen Jie next to each other shook their heads.
The hearts of the two were extremely disappointed with Lin Fan.

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