Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 306

But it’s more than that!
Lin Fan continued to look at Qi Siyuan and said with a smile:
“Since Qi Shao has delivered two deals in a while, then I think I should give Qi Shao some gifts too!”
Lin Fan said. , Bai Yi and Shen Jie’s complexion is so ugly and ugly.
People want to sleep with your wife.
You also give gifts to others!
are you an idiot?
Shen Jie looked down on Lin Fan before, but now, his contempt and dislike for Lin Fan are even more intense.
And Bai Yi next to her, a touch of bitterness appeared at the corner of her mouth.
She couldn’t think that Lin Fan would be such a person, let her down and chill her heart.
“Hahaha… knowledge! Boy, I have to say, you are a smart person!”
Qi Siyuan was happy.
The smug color on his face was extremely rich, and he asked curiously:
“Let’s talk, I sleep with your wife, what do you want to give me!”
“For you…”
Lin Fan said, face His smile gradually became colder:
“Two slaps!”
Qi Siyuan was taken aback for a moment, but before he could react.
A loud slap slapped his face suddenly.
This slap was shocking, Qi Siyuan only felt that the skin on his face seemed to be ripped apart by a slap, and the warm blood flowed out instantly.
Not only that!
His head buzzed, and his cheekbones made a creaking sound, as if his cheekbones could not bear the huge force of the slap, and they were almost shattered.
But this is not over yet!
At the moment Qi Siyuan’s whole person was about to stagger to the ground when he was slapped!
Another hard slap fell on his other face!
There was a cracking sound, Qi Siyuan’s face was completely shattered.
The majestic pain, like a tide, swept through his nerves, and suddenly flew his whole person and fan out two or three meters, and smashed to the ground.
Quiet…At this moment, the entire tavern was completely silent.
Shen Jie and Bai Yi next to them were stunned for a while. They didn’t expect that Lin Fan, who was smiling originally, had no warning, and made a move.
In particular, these two slapped slapped Qi Siyuan’s entire face unexpectedly.
The whole person didn’t even scream, and passed out.
Shen Jie was immediately shocked.
He tremblingly pointed at Lin Fan, his face full of horror and horror:
“Lin…Lin Fan, you dare to hurt people! Do you know who he is?”
“He is the second richest family in Yunhai City. Young master, if you beat him, you have forged a mortal enemy!”
“The Qi group is much stronger than your Bai group. That is the Big Mac family group in Yunhai City, and now, you are done. You will even hurt Bai Yi, and the Bai Group will bury you together!” At this moment, Shen Jie only felt his scalp numb.
He had heard that the Qi family group had fallen in love with Qi Siyuan, the second generation ancestor.
Anyone who offends Qi Siyuan will never end well.
And now!
Lin Fan will definitely pay a painful price, and even hurt himself.
Not only Shen Jie!
Bai Yi next to Qi Siyuan looked at Qi Siyuan’s coma, his face full of blood, and his head was chaotic. He subconsciously pulled Lin Fan up and quickly left:
“Lin Fan…hurry up! Go!”
He took Lin Fan and left the tavern quickly!

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