Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 307

Until then!
Inside the tavern, there has been a complete mess. This is the property of the Qi family. Whether it is the manager of the tavern or a waiter, one after another crowded around.
“Shao Qi! Wake up, don’t scare me!”
Shen Jie’s face was pale.
If Qi Siyuan really had a long history and two shortcomings, Lin Fan would die, and Shen Jie would definitely not escape.
after all!
Today he brought Qi Siyuan with him, and he naturally couldn’t shirk the slightest responsibility.
And just under the shaking of Shen Jie!
Qi Siyuan let out a painful roar, then slowly opened his eyes.
This scene made Shen Jie let out a long sigh of relief, and a heart that mentioned his throat, then fell.
“Shao Qi, you…you finally woke up! It scared me to death!”
Shen Jie said as he wanted to help Qi Siyuan up.
But at this moment!
Qi Siyuan, who reacted, was furious when he saw that Lin Fan and Bai Yi had already left, especially under the severe pain of his face fractured, making him almost crazy:
“Asshole! You… how do you treat that? The bastard is let go? He hit me, how dare he hit me?”
Qi Siyuan said!
Angrily attacked his heart, he slapped Shen Jie’s face with a slap.
He staggered Shen Jie directly, and the whole person fell to the ground, his cheeks were burning and painful, and bright red palm prints appeared.
“Shao Qi, you…what are you doing hitting me?”
Shen Jie was dumbfounded.
He didn’t expect that after Qi Siyuan woke up, he would suffer from Wuwang disaster.
“You have a face to ask! Bai Yi is your cousin, and that little bastard is your cousin!”
“The little bastard hit me, I will naturally want to hit you!”
Qi Siyuan was almost mad at this moment.
The sharp pain in his cheeks hurt his heart and lungs, and he howled frantically at Shen Jie.
And hear this!
Shen Jie couldn’t wait to hit him to death.
What’s so special, you are stupid yourself, you were beaten when you humiliate others, so don’t care about me!
Shen Jie had a hundred swear words in his heart, but he couldn’t express it at all. He could only add all the hatred to Lin Fan!
It’s all that bastard!
It was he who harmed himself, and not only did not have a good relationship with Qi Siyuan, but was hated by Qi Siyuan.
“Qi Shao, if you want revenge, find that bastard Lin Fan! He hit you!” Shen Jie frightened Qi Siyuan immediately.
Hear the word’Lin Fan’!
In Qi Siyuan’s eyes, there was a beast-like ferocious glow:
“Huh! That bastard, I won’t spare him so easily!”
“He broke my face! I must torture him! To death!”
Qi Siyuan seemed to have thought of something, and a brutal and hideous arc appeared in the corner of his mouth:
“It just so happens that King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City, came to Jiang City. I heard that tomorrow will be a martial arts contest. We want to conquer the underground world of Jiang City. He!”
“And I, considered half of King Kong’s apprentice, he once received the favor of my Qi family!”
“When King Kong has conquered the Jiangshi underground world, I will let him capture that little bastard. I want one piece by piece. , Cut him to pieces!”
Qi Siyuan’s words were sinister and terrifying, and Shen Jie instantly shuddered.
King Kong, he has naturally heard it!
He also heard about the martial arts contest.
It is said that King Kong has already written a battle book against Lord Dao, Lord Tiger, and other underground power leaders in Jiang City.
Or surrender!
Or die!
It’s just that Shen Jie didn’t expect that Qi Siyuan would still have something to do with a fierce man like King Kong.

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