Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 308

“Lin Fan, you are finished, how did you die this time?”
A smirk appeared at the corner of Shen Jie’s mouth.
He seemed to see the unhuman miserable state that King Kong had tortured Lin Fan.
the next day!
The whole Jiang City shook.
In the early morning, Dao Master Beicheng, Tiger Tiger Nancheng, and all the underground bosses took their own men into action.
In the previous few days, King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City, challenged all the big brothers in Jiang City to declare war. It had already been raged and spread throughout Jiangcheng.
And today!
It is the day of victory and defeat!
It can be said that today is definitely the most important moment for the underground world of Jiangshi.
Or, the underground world of Jiangshi, changed its flag and changed its flag, and was subdued by King Kong.
Either defeated King Kong and made Jiangshi famous.
All this is not important to Lin Fan.
He is still the same as before, washing and cooking at home, to be a competent housewife.
Until the afternoon.
When Lin Fan saw that he had almost eaten up all the vegetables at home, he rode an electric car to the vegetable market not far away.
Just walked into the vegetable market.
Lin Fan heard a famous vendor and the customers around him, while trading and talking in full swing.
“Hey, Uncle Li, how’s the latest situation going? Can we win in Jiangshi?” A middle-aged man buying vegetables asked an uncle selling vegetables.
And hear this!
The uncle shook his head and sighed:
“Look at Xuan, ten people have been lifted out of the theater in front this morning!”
“I saw that there are also the bereaved dogs under Master Dao, everyone is seriously injured! Obviously, the guys in Yunhai City, one by one, are extraordinary!”
This sentence instantly made some customers around who buy food. , And the vendors shook their heads.
“I heard that the King Kong is two meters tall and has a tiger-backed waist and waist, just like an iron tower
. I just don’t know if Tiger and the others can resist it!” “Cut! I just came out of the theater, and the King Kong hasn’t made any moves until now. Well! It was King Kong’s four apprentices who injured the bereaved dog! ”
As soon as he said this, everyone around him took a breath.
Just the disciple of King Kong was so tyrannical that it almost swept the underground forces in Jiangshi, which is simply unimaginable.
Once King Kong shot, I’m afraid…
everyone didn’t say much, but the expression on everyone’s face was full of worry.
Lost dog!
Master Dao!
When hearing these names, Lin Fan frowned slightly.
“Excuse me, what happened to the theater you mentioned?”
Hearing this, all the vendors were taken aback.
Obviously, I didn’t expect that there were people who didn’t even know about the battle between Jiang Shi and Yunhai.
“This little brother, you don’t know yet! Yunhai City’s number one master, King Kong, challenged all the underground forces in Jiang City! Even more eloquent words, either surrender or die!”
“Now, in the theater, fight It’s all morning! Master Tiger, Master Dao, they are all there! ”
This sentence made Lin Fan’s brow furrow deeper.
He remembered that the Iron-faced Gray Wolf said before that his master was King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City.
And now!
The reason why the opponent challenged Jiang City’s mighty power was obviously to avenge his own disciples and to abolish the Dao Master, Hu Ye and others.
“Forget it! After buying the food in a while, go and take a look!”

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