Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 313

King Kong waved his hand immediately and asked his disciple to carry Li Xiong down for treatment.
Then his pair of sharp eyes scanned the dense Jiangshi crowd in the stands.
That kind of gaze, as if wishing to choose someone and eat it, made everyone in Jiangshi feel cold and cold for several times, lowering their heads one by one, not daring to look at King Kong.
“Your Excellency, a peach pit can seriously hurt my disciple. It seems that there are some characters in Jiangshi!”
“However, that’s all! Next, my disciple and I will continue to challenge. If you have the courage, you will show up for a fight!”
King Kong finished speaking and suddenly snorted.
Then he took a deep look at the Jiangshi crowd before jumping off the platform.
When King Kong walked down, another figure flashed out.
This person is the three disciples of King Kong Iron Hand Tiger-Thunderstorm!
His whole body is only about 1.7 meters, but the muscles and muscles all over his body are mixed, and it looks like a fighter machine.
Especially those hands, densely callused, with blue veins bulging on them, as if they contained boundless destructive power.
He looked straight at the crowd in Jiang City and said sternly:
“The rat with his head and tail, I don’t know why you didn’t show up, but you hurt my fourth and fifth brothers one after another, then you should die!” The words fell!
Thunderstorm gave a grinning grin, stretched out two calloused palms to block him, and then said with a cold voice:
“Come on, Rat! Let Lei see, what else can you use to hurt people?”
Everyone in Jiang City, on one side, was shocked by the strength of the mysterious man’s palm, and he could use a peach core to exert the power of a bullet, severely injuring Li Xiong in one blow, while on the other side, there was a thunderstorm in the iron-handed tiger , Live and shake!
Especially, looking at the calluses on the palm of the thunderstorm, everyone wondered whether the mysterious spectator could still penetrate the thunderstorm!
It’s just that one minute, two minutes…
time passed slowly, but there was no movement in the theater.
This scene caused the thunderstorm and everyone to frown.
“Why? Afraid? I tell you, Lord Lei, what I am best at is practicing Kung Fu in the flesh! If you can penetrate my flesh, my Lord Lei will have your surname!”
The corner of the thunderstorm’s mouth is full of thick. His sneer, the words are full of confidence and madness.
Just heard this!
The voice rang again:
“Wait a minute, I will eat two more grapes!”
When this sentence resounded, both the thunderstorm on the stage and all the spectators around were dumbfounded.
This guy is… eating and vomiting?
What a special thing!
Everyone was speechless to the extreme.
Even many people in Jiang City began to look around, looking for people eating in the stands, trying to determine Lin Fan’s identity.
But everyone glanced around, but they didn’t find any strange people.
And just when everyone was slightly disappointed!
“Are you ready?”
The indifferent voice sounded again, instantly causing everyone to breathe.
They didn’t expect that this mysterious spectator would even give out a reminder.
If he defeated Li Xiong before, it was unexpected and unprepared. Before Li Xiong’s attention was hit, he succeeded.
So now, this mysterious spectator has even reminded him, and the thunderstorm is even more famous for practicing Kung Fu, can he succeed?

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