Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 315

at the same time!
Within the Bai Group, Bai Yi had just finished a bunch of work in the office.
Opening the door of the office, Bai Yi wanted to go out and inspect.
However, when she just walked out of the room, she saw outside, her secretary Xiaoyun was besieged with a group of workers, chatting and talking excitedly.
This scene made Bai Yi frowned.
But she knows that her secretary is very dedicated and dedicated at the usual time, and she has never seen the appearance of gathering together with employees and talking in full swing.
And now…
“Xiaoyun, has something happened?” At the moment, Bai Yi just frowned and walked in the direction of everyone.
Seeing Bai Yi, Xiaoyun and the employees were all startled, and then hurriedly returned to their seats one by one, looking extremely nervous.
And the secretary Xiaoyun said tremblingly:
“Bai… President Bai, I’m sorry. I was watching a boxing match with my colleagues just now! It was our Jiangshi against the sea of ​​clouds!”
“I was attracted by accident. Live, please don’t blame Bai always!”
Xiaoyun’s face was full of regret and anxiety.
Bai Yi was slightly taken aback when he heard this.
She didn’t expect that Xiaoyun, a girl who was still interested in boxing matches, immediately walked closer and looked at the phone on the table:
“What boxing match is this? It makes you so fascinated!”
Bai Yi was curious. Looking at the picture in the video, I was surprised to find that this video was obviously taken with a mobile phone.
Not only is the picture shaking and dizzying, even the picture quality is extremely poor.
Heard this!
Xiaoyun can only bite the bullet and explain:
“President Bai, you don’t know! In the past few days, there has been a lot of rumors in our Jiangshi, the number one master of Yunhai City, King Kong, known as the number one black boxer in Jiangnan, with With his four major disciples, come to Jiangshi to challenge!”
“It is said that it is because his five disciples, the iron-faced gray wolf in the Jiangshi wolf hall, were abolished, so he came to take revenge!”
When Bai Yi, who originally wanted to turn off the video, heard the words Iron-faced Gray Wolf, Yushou paused slightly.
“You, you mean, the master of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf, has come to take revenge?”
Bai Yi’s pretty face was slightly pale.
The secretary Xiaoyun nodded.
Seeing this scene, a trace of deep anxiety and panic emerged in Bai Yi’s heart, and she quickly asked anxiously:
“Then do you know, Master of Iron-faced Wolf, who should I seek revenge?”
Bai Yi was afraid that the other party was here to seek revenge on Lin Fan. If that was the case, wouldn’t Lin Fan’s life be in danger.
“I’m looking for Lord Tiger and Lord Dao! It is said that these two big men led people to destroy the wolf hall!” Secretary Xiaoyun said quickly.
This sentence finally made Bai Yi a long sigh of relief.
Lord Tiger and Lord Dao, but the masters of Jiangshi Nanbeicheng.
With them against it, then Lin Fan is no longer in danger.
Thinking of this, Bai Yi couldn’t help turning his head to look at the video, and curiously asked:
“How is the battle now?”
Not only did Bai Yi not scold them, but instead became curious about the game. Secretary Xiaoyun and the colleagues around him all looked happy, and then a male colleague stood up excitedly and said:
“President Bai, you I do not know how strong those guys clouds to the city! Until now, King Kong have no shot! played only four of his disciples! ” ”
the Tiger and the knife God, sent eleven men to play a full, but all fall Defeated! Even the persecuted Tiger Lord, he has to do it himself! ”
Bai Yi was shocked when he said this.
She never thought that these challengers of the sea of ​​clouds were so tyrannical.

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