Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 319

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw that above the video, King Kong’s eldest disciple stepped forward and pulled out the hot pepper from the wall.
He helped Zheng Tianci back to his original position.
Until then!
This big disciple immediately wanted to rush to the battlefield again to avenge his junior and disciples.
But here it is!
King Kong waved his big hand and pulled him abruptly!
“Master, you…”
“You are not an opponent, there is no need to be injured in vain!”
King Kong’s face was solemn at this moment.
After saying this, he turned his head and took a deep look at the crowd in Jiang City. His eyes were filled with fear and disbelief:
“Your Excellency, your methods have reached the level of Feiye hurting people! But listen to you. The voice is so young!”
“So, I don’t believe you are really the master!”
King Kong’s words fell in the ears of everyone below, causing everyone to be in an uproar.
That’s right!
Not only was King Kong puzzled, the rest of the people also couldn’t believe it.
After all, the voice of the mysterious spectator just now sounded like a young man.
Such a person has reached the realm of a master?
This is absolutely impossible.
“So, I want to challenge you!”
King Kong’s voice resounded through the audience like a Hongzhong.
However, his voice fell, but there was no answer for a long time.
Lin Fan looked at the clamoring King Kong on the high platform, but shook his head with disdain.
He will naturally not come to power.
Because in his eyes, neither King Kong nor his disciples have the qualifications to fight against himself.
be quiet!
At this moment, the atmosphere in the theater was extremely strange, and everyone was waiting for the mysterious spectators to meet.
It’s just… disappointed!
After they waited for a full ten minutes, the mysterious spectator did not even say a word.
“Maybe, is that person scared? If so, King Kong guessed it right. The other party must have used some shameful means to create this sensational effect! Maybe he is a liar!”
“Yes , If you are really a grandmaster, how can you be afraid of a King Kong challenge!”
“It seems that we have all been deceived, that person is not a grandmaster!”
Among the crowd in Jiang City , there was a lot of discussion. The sound gradually became noisy.
Seeing that Lin Fan did not show up to challenge, almost everyone agreed with King Kong’s statement.
The mysterious spectator is not a master.
Before, it was just bluffing, using some ulterior tactics, nothing more!
Otherwise, how can I not dare to show up.
At this moment, after hearing the extremely noisy comments from the crowd, the expressions of Lord Tiger and Lord Dao looked ugly.
They naturally do not believe that their boss is a bluff.
In their eyes!
A character like King Kong has no qualifications to challenge Lin Fan at all.
“I’ll go!”
Thinking of this, Lord Tiger stood up straight and got up from his seat.
Right now, I want to take the stage to challenge.
But at this moment!
Lin Fan, who had been silent for a long time, resounded in indifferent voice again:
“Kill the chicken with a sledge knife! Huzi, find a quick-responsive kid on stage! You only need to have some foundation, not much strength!”
When I heard the words of the mysterious spectator, it resounded again.
All the people in the theater were stunned.
Could this mysterious spectator be talking to Lord Tiger?
Wow…In an instant, the whole theater was fried again.
On the site of Jiangshi, whoever sees the black tiger should not be respectfully called Tiger Lord.
And tiger?
This title is definitely looking for death.
However, a scene that shocked everyone appeared.
After hearing this, Lord Tiger not only showed no anger on his face, but a glorious joy.
It seems that being able to be called a’tiger’ is the supreme glory of his Lord Tiger.
He quickly pointed to a man in his twenties, and said:
“Monkey, you react faster! It’s you, come on stage!”

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