Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 329

I’ll wait and meet Master Lin!
All these voices were uniform and uniform, as if Hong Zhong blew up in the theater.
After hearing this, after seeing this scene, Hu Ye and the others, who had originally wanted to step forward to besiege, swept back and forth, all of them froze on the spot, almost unable to believe their eyes.
And aside!
The ecstasy on the faces of King Kong, Li Xiong, Zheng Tianci, Thunderstorm and others completely solidified.
Their eyes were wide and round, and they looked like ghosts.
“I… Did I hear you wrong just now? What did the master call this person?” King Kong shook his head vigorously.
At this moment, he thought he had hallucinations.
Next to him, Thunderstorm and other three people swallowed and spit.
Then the three of them replied to King Kong stiffly:
“Master…Master, just now Master called that person…Master Lin!”
“Yes, he, he is Master Lin!”
The three words of Master Lin seemed to contain a mighty force, instantly causing King Kong’s huge body as large as a hill to tremble fiercely once again, and fell to the ground.
However, King Kong was shocked, but some people were more shocked than him.
The smiles on the faces of the Iron-faced Gray Wolf and Duan Chun who were not far away froze.
“No…impossible! How could he be Master Lin! This guy is so young…he!”
Iron-faced Gray Wolf and Duan Chun only felt their scalp tingling at this moment.
That’s right, his master only said that Master Lin’s strength is extraordinary and unfathomable, but he never said that Master Lin is a young man or an old man.
“Lin Fan… Master Lin! Oh my God, I actually want to shoot Master Lin and want to kill him?”
Thinking of this, the iron-faced gray wolf shuddered.
Splashing urine flowed out from under the crotch.
At this moment!
Duan Chun on the side screamed.
With a face full of ghosts, he yelled at the top ten martial arts masters:
” Master Kong, you must have admitted the wrong person! How could he be Master Lin?”
“He is so young, and he has no hair. Qi, don’t be fooled by this guy!”
Duan Chun screamed.
It is unbelievable!
And hearing this, the rest of Jiang City couldn’t help but agree.
That’s right, they are in the same camp as Lin Fan, but in their eyes, Lin Fan is definitely a young man whether it is voice or figure.
And this kind of character is a master?
I’m afraid this is something that I can’t do hard training in my mother’s womb.
At this moment, everyone looked at Kong Sheng and others, full of doubts and doubts.
But hear this!
“! Well,”
Kong Sheng Father is Lengheng cry, and then look across the crowd below, face disdain said:
“! Group of Villains, you know what,”
“Lin Fei Ye wounding of horror guru, but there is also positive It’s him who gave the instructions and made the old man’s strength soar!”
“Could it be that the old man can’t believe that he can’t succeed!”
Hearing this, even the people below, no matter how much doubt and disbelief, I have to admit at this moment that Kong Sheng is absolutely right, that is to say.
This mysterious spectator turned out to be a young master.
It’s more than that!
Kong Sheng now cautiously against Lin Fan asked:
“Lin master, I did not think it would be more than you just have offended, but also hope forgive me!!”
Kong Sheng couldn’t help looking down, his injured disciple King Kong and others, and then asked confusedly:
“By the way, King Kong and the others, I was sent to see you! How could this situation be formed?”
This situation!
Hearing this, the vajra masters and apprentices below couldn’t help but twitch their mouths, revealing a deep bitterness.

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