Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 33

This sentence was extremely abrupt, and everyone was taken aback for a moment.
Especially, when everyone discovered that it was Mr. Yang who had been silent all the time, Xu Yanhong and his wife suddenly pumped their hearts and asked in confusion:
“Mr. Yang, you…”
“Shut up!!!”
Yang Lao At this moment, I really hate Xu Yanhong and his wife!
In particular, the two compared Lin Fan’s clothes to a beggar’s outfit, which made him even more angry.
Xu Yanhong’s husband and wife were immediately embarrassed by this violent drink.
The two of them didn’t even know where to offend this old Yang. They were so nice just now, so they turned their faces ruthless in a blink of an eye.
“Little sir! I seem to have seen this dress of yours in other places, can I show it to the old man?” Old Yang ignored Xu Yanhong at all, but looked at Lin Fan with a nervous expression on his face.
At this moment, Bai Yi was also dumbfounded. She looked at the old dress on her husband, but she couldn’t think of anything about this dress that was worthy of what Yang Lao, a fashion designer, was looking forward to.
“No problem!” Lin Fan curled his mouth, naturally knowing that the old man had seen the origin of this casual outfit.
At the moment, he took off his shirt and handed it over.
Seeing Lin Fan throwing his clothes to himself as if throwing a piece of tattered clothes, Old Yang was shocked, and quickly raised his hands and gently caught it.
That kind of look, as if not picking up a piece of clothing, as if picking up a treasure.
This action made the eyes of Bai Yi, Xu Yanhong and others almost fall off.
However, this is not the end.
“Oh my god, the fabric of this dress is really deep sea silk worth a million dollars a meter! And this workmanship is definitely the product of Italy’s No. 1 Fashion Design Institute!”
Old Yang gently stroked his clothes with both hands, and there was a fanatical and unimaginable look in those muddy old eyes.
Especially his words made the scalp numb of Bai Yi and others around.
Material, million-dollar deep-sea silk?
The workmanship comes from Italy’s No. 1 Fashion Design Institute!
This… how is this so possible!
However, there is more to it!
“There are also 18,888 patterns on this dress. Each pattern is embroidered with a king character!”
“Yes! This is a masterpiece of Miss Pellet Catherine!”
“Emperor costume worth hundreds of millions of dollars!”
As soon as Mr. Yang’s words came out, it was like a calm lake with a thunder that shook the sky, making everyone confused.
A masterpiece by Pellet Catherine?
An emperor outfit worth hundreds of millions!
Whether it is Bai Yi or Xu Yanhong and others, they know the eyesight of this old man, and naturally they will not lie.
Doesn’t that mean that Lin Fan’s dress, as Mr. Yang said, was made by the world’s top fashion designer and is a super high-priced, exquisite fashion!
At this moment, Xu Yanhong and Huang Tao’s breath became heavy, and their eyes were shocked and greedy.
Hundreds of millions!
In particular, Pelle Catherine’s three-year masterpiece is far beyond the scope of money.
If your own company can own this dress, let alone Xiaoxiaojiang City, even the global fashion industry will be a hit.
At the moment, Xu Yanhong and his wife looked at each other, and the greed and enthusiasm in those eyes was hard to hide.
Not only them!
Next to Bai Yi, Yu’s hand was covering her small mouth, astonishment and incredible color gleamed in her beautiful eyes.
How can it be!
How could my husband’s clothes be designed by the famous Catherine.
Especially the price is hundreds of millions. For Bai Yi, it is like a fantasy.
However, just when Bai Yi was about to ask.
A scream resounded loudly:
“You bastard, you stole our company’s clothes! Take it off, take it off for us!”

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