Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 332

More than them!
In the Baishi Group!
Looking at the departure of Master Lin, Bai Yi’s pretty face showed a deep disbelief:
“Is it Lin Fan? Why does it feel like he…like?”
Thought of this!
Bai Yi said to Xiaoyun now : “Xiaoyun, you arrange work, I want to go home now!”
After saying that, Bai Yi did not give everyone extra time at all, and under everyone’s stunned eyes Leave.
She wants to go home to make sure that the mysterious Master Lin is Lin Fan?

And at the same time!
Lin Fan didn’t pay much attention to what happened in the theater.
At this moment, he took the food basket, slowly riding the electric bike, and then headed towards the Liyuan Garden.
When he passed an alleyway, he suddenly braked and stopped the electric car.
Lin Fan couldn’t help but look towards the alley.
Suddenly saw that an old woman in tattered clothes was carrying a little beggar, picking up rotten vegetable leaves by the roadside.
Lin Fan frowned. This little beggar, he knew, was the little girl he saved from the slum a few days ago.
“Big Brother…”
At this moment, the little beggar also saw Lin Fan, he was taken aback, and then ran over with a surprised face.
Since the last time the wolf hall had a farewell.
Even if it was only a few days, but the little beggar could never forget Lin Fan’s face.
That kind of arrogance!
That kind of domineering!
The powerful momentum of destroying one pavilion by one person has long allowed the little beggar to treat Lin Fan as a hero.
This is more than that.
The little beggar seemed to have thought of something. He hurried back to support the old woman and walked towards Lin Fan. While walking, he said to the old woman in surprise,
“Mother-in-law, this is the big brother I told you!
” The last time, he saved me!”
This old woman is shrouded and skinny.
The clothes on her body were in tatters, especially with a cane, constantly pointing on the road, but she was a…blind woman.
At this moment, after hearing the words of the little beggar, the blind mother-in-law’s wrinkled old face suddenly showed a strong surprise and gratitude, and said to Lin Fan:
“Benefactor! So you are Xun’er.
My benefactor!” “My old woman thanked you for my granddaughter! Thank you so much!” The blind woman thanked more.
Especially when she said, she was going to kneel down and kowtow to Lin Fan.
Seeing this scene, Lin Fan was shocked.
He hurriedly helped the blind mother-in-law, and then said:
“Mother-in-law, you are welcome! Xun’er is very well-behaved, she should be saved!”
Lin Fan said, he took a deep look at the little beggar Xun’er’s hand. Pile of rotten vegetable leaves.
Looking at the little beggar’s withered hair and malnourished body, he couldn’t help but feel sore, and asked:
“The last time you were in the village in the city, you were also picking up vegetable leaves?” The little beggar was almost hit in the village in the city last time.
At that time, she was looking for the trash can, but now thinking about it, she was picking up vegetable leaves.
Xiao Xun’er was a little embarrassed, lowered her head and said:
“Mother-in-law has bad eyes and weak body. I can only find something to eat and cook some porridge for her!”
This sentence made Lin Fan’s heart more sour.
At the moment, he put the vegetable basket in his hand on the ground, and with an unchecked finger movement, he stuffed a wad of banknotes into the vegetables:
“Take these vegetables back! Take care of your mother-in-law!”
Upon hearing this, Xiao Xun’er and her mother-in-law were taken aback.
However, before they refused, Lin Fan rode an electric bike and had already gone far.
“Big…Big brother…” At this moment, looking at Lin Fan’s departure, Xiao Xun’er’s eyes instantly turned red.
Grateful, moved, thankful!
Do not know why.
She felt as if from the moment she was rescued by Lin Fan, she and this elder brother who looked like a god had an unspeakable and wonderful fate.

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