Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 341

“Hey! Isn’t it a mobile phone?”
Lin Fan couldn’t help but shook his head lightly while looking at his mobile phone.
He has heard of it.
Many electronic enthusiasts in the world are frantically searching for the whereabouts of their mobile phone.
Even without hesitation, every moment of every day, he is checking his own signal tower.
With the signal tower as the center, if you want to find your own devil machine, even if you just glance at it, those people will be satisfied even if they die.
“It’s a pity, I have only used it once in the past three years!”
“That is the last time I sent a message to a few aunts, this devil machine is in my hands, it is a waste!”
Lin Fan smiled faintly, now He carelessly put the phone on the sofa, then turned and headed for the bathroom.
After Lin Fan took a shower, he changed his clothes and walked out.
The door opened, but Bai Yi’s family came in.
“Dad, mom, wife. You’re back!”
Lin Fan picked up his devil machine unchecked, put it in his trouser pocket, and then greeted it with a smile.
Only when he just stepped forward.
It was found that not only Baiyi’s family of three came into the house, but also a young man and an old man followed.
“Xiao Fan, let me introduce to you! This is Chu Yu, Bai Yi’s elementary school classmate! I just came back from abroad, and my family is now in the mobile phone manufacturing industry, ready to go back to China for development!”
Baishan pointed to the young man at this moment, Introduced to Lin Fan.
Heard this!
The young man smiled slightly and glanced at Lin Fan with deep meaning, a trace of impenetrable contempt flashed in his eyes before he said:
“You are Lin Fan, right? I just heard Bai Yi talk about you!” With that, the young man just nodded to Lin Fan, saying hello.
It’s just that anyone can see it!
In Chu Yu’s attitude, the kind of disdain and contempt towards Lin Fan.
This scene made Baishan a little embarrassed, but he continued to point to the old man next to him and said:
“Xiao Fan, this old man is amazing! He is our most prestigious mobile phone designer-Mr. Zhang Tianli!”
“Now, it is the backbone of the Chu Yu family mobile phone company!”
Hear the introduction!
The old man named Zhang Tianli only glanced at Lin Fan lightly, not even pointing his head.
This young and old, looks extremely arrogant, in their eyes, it seemed that Lin Fan didn’t even have the qualifications to talk to them.
This scene made Bai Yi’s pretty face slightly embarrassed.
She immediately said:
“Brother Chu Yu, I really didn’t expect to see you at this time!”
“Yes! After separation since childhood, I haven’t seen each other for more than ten years now!” Chu Yu faced Bai Yi , The look on his face, unusual enthusiasm.
In particular, he looked at Bai Yi with a passion and admiration:
“I really didn’t expect that the little girl in the class back then has become the beautiful president of the Bai Group! And, that’s what happened. Beautiful and dignified! If I had known it, even if I killed me back then, I would not go abroad, and I would definitely catch you!”
Chu Yu said half-jokingly.
But in the words, there is a show of kindness and love to Bai Yi.
Hearing this, Bai Yi didn’t think much, but asked curiously:
“Brother Chu, are you going back to China this time, are you planning to develop in China? I heard that your mobile phone is very famous in the world!”
Mobile phones are communication devices.
A large-scale mobile phone manufacturer, however, is far from comparable to the Baishi Group.
At this moment, not only Bai Yi was extremely envious of Chu Yu, but even Baishan and Shen Yumei next to him were extremely envious.
A look of pride appeared on Chu Yu’s face:
“This time I come back, I plan to develop in China! This time I visit, I have brought you a gift!”

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