Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 343

“This is a cell phone?”
When seeing the devil machine that Lin Fan escaped, the Bai Yi family was taken aback.
In their eyes, Lin Fan’s mobile phone looks like an old phone.
The entire fuselage is extremely fat.
In particular, the keyboard buttons above, each of the same size as a fingernail, its body shell is a very cheesy gold, as if covered with a layer of golden plastic shell.
It looks like a Nokia version of the old phone.
“That’s right! This…this is a mobile phone I bought for 300 yuan today!”
Lin Fan naturally couldn’t tell the truth, so he could only bite the bullet and lied.
Three hundred yuan!
Elderly machine!
After listening to this, and looking at this style like an old machine, the corners of the mouths of Bai Yi, Bai Shan, and Shen Yumei all twitched. .
Shame… The family felt extremely ashamed. Lin Fan just finished talking about not using a mobile phone, but he didn’t expect that this guy bought a mobile phone today.
Especially, if you buy a better mobile phone, it doesn’t matter, but for this product, it cost 300 to buy a gold and tacky mobile phone, so that the faces of a family of three suddenly seemed to be slapped in the face, with a hot feeling.
Not only that!
Chu Yu next to him, when he saw Lin Fan’s phone, almost laughed and said,
“Hahaha… Brother Lin, you are so interesting! Where are you from, the old antique you bought! ”
Look at the style, it looks like a Nokia? And it’s still a gold case with fingernail-sized buttons! Hahaha…”
Chu Yu smiled very happy.
Especially seeing Lin Fan’s shame, his heart felt extremely happy.
Who made this guy so lucky to marry a goddess like Bai Yi?
The more embarrassing Lin Fan is, the more disappointed Bai Yi will be. If this goes on, maybe one day, he will have the opportunity to replace Lin Fan, but that is not necessarily.
However, Chu Yu didn’t see it.
After seeing the mobile phone that Lin Fan took out, Zhang Tianli, the old man who was known as China’s top mobile phone designer, was taken aback.
He seemed to feel that this phone was very familiar.
Frowning, looking carefully.
And when he looked at the material of the phone’s golden casing and large buttons, his entire face changed drastically, as if he had seen a ghost, and he could hardly believe his eyes.
“Tungsten steel gold…”
“Tiger Shark Key…”
“Is that the legendary Devil Machine? This… how is this possible!”
Puffs of sweat instantly seeped from the old man Zhang Tianli’s forehead.
In the mobile phone manufacturing industry, after so many years of experience, what Zhang Tianli remembers most is the sensational event that caused the mobile phone manufacturing industry seven years ago.
The world’s top ten mobile phone manufacturers have gathered all the top technical personnel to develop a mobile phone.
That’s right!
Just one piece!
At that time, Zhang Tianli didn’t even have the qualifications to become one of them. Everything he knew was just listening to the rumors of other top designers.
It is said that that piece of mobile phone can be said to have consumed all the efforts of the top ten mobile phone manufacturers, the shell is tungsten steel gold, the keyboard tiger shark skin, the screen high-tech nano display.
At that time, that mobile phone had just been manufactured and it was included in the Guinness Book of Records.
Even the Guinness recorder lamented that this mobile phone is definitely the most expensive piece in the long history of mankind.
Since then, the name of the devil machine has resounded in the ears of almost every mobile phone manufacturer, making everyone worship them and treat them like gods.

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