Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 347

Dear king!
After hearing this name, everyone’s expression instantly became weird.
Everyone looked at Lin Fan, their eyes were full of weirdness and playfulness.
These are only four words!
But it contains a lot of arguments.
One is the other party calling and looking for the surname’Wang’, and the other is the real king!
But at this moment, whether it was Bai Yi or everyone around, the first reaction was that the Aunt Rowling on the other end of the phone was looking for a man with the surname’Wang’.
And obviously there is a close relationship with the man surnamed Wang, otherwise it is impossible to call dear.
Before everyone could react, I continued to hear Aunt Rowling on the phone and continued:
“Well, Wang, I know you don’t like being disturbed, this time I am also forced to help!”
“I just got one. News, that little girl, Zhang Yichen, who has a crush on you, will be assassinated! ”
When this sentence came, the expressions of everyone in the entire living room changed.
Zhang Yichen!
Everyone is naturally familiar with this name to the extreme. It is the goddess of the nation, the little Asian queen.
Will she be assassinated?
And still have a crush on you?
How can this be the same as listening to the heavenly scriptures, making everyone confused at all.
But, yet other white Iraq inquiry, the phone Rowling aunt heard the voice again:
“!! Well, the king, my aunt does not bother you pray, all the members of our dark, waiting for the return of the king again”
toot toot …
After the last sentence was finished, a blind tone came from the phone.
It’s just that everyone’s expressions are still in a state of astonishment, as if they didn’t wake up from the content on the phone.
There is only Zhang Tianli on the side.
After listening to the content on the phone.
He was struck by lightning, and he felt his head was blank, and he was almost scared to death.
“Rowling? Is it really that Cather Rowling?”
Dense sweat slid down from Zhang Tianli’s forehead.
If you say, Lin Fan is really the master of the Devil Machine.
Then Zhang Tianli can be sure that the person calling is definitely Cather Rowling’s business queen.
What made Zhang Tianli more frightened!
The’king’ called by Cather Rowling!
This is definitely not the king of Lin Fan, but he, the king of the business queen Cather Rowling!
Thinking of this, Zhang Tianli only felt that his scalp almost burst. He looked at Lin Fan as if he were looking at a devil, full of horror and fear.
At this moment, a burst of laughter resounded again.
It was Chu Yu.
He leaned forward and closed with a smile, tears almost flying out, and said to everyone,
“Don’t you hear it yet? This is a liar call!” A liar call?
Bai Yi and others were slightly taken aback.
And Chu Yu continued to explain:
“Isn’t that easy? The note is Business Aunt Rowling. The first person who reminds me is Catherine Rowling! But everyone knows that Catherine Rowling is a foreigner, and the one just now Woman, a standard Chinese accent! How could this be a person! ”
That’s right!
The Baiyi family thought for a while, and it was indeed the case.
After all, almost everyone who hears the name Aunt Rowling in business, naturally thinks of Cather Rowling!
And Cather Rowling is clearly a foreigner, how can Chinese language be so fluent in standard!
It’s more than that!
Chu Yu continued to analyze for everyone:
“There is another point, the other party’s name is Wang! That is, the person that the woman is looking for is Wang! Not Lin Fan!”

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