Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 349

“Really! I think this shell is not plastic, but iron?”
Baishan frowned and knocked on the back shell of the Devil Machine.
There was a clinking sound suddenly.
“Huh? It turned out to be really iron?”
Bai Shan suddenly exclaimed.
And hear this!
Zhang Tianli almost sprayed out a mouthful of old blood.
Nima, iron you woolen thread!
This is tungsten steel gold!
One gram of super material worth hundreds of thousands.
And now, it is regarded as a scrap metal thing. If this is known by the world’s top ten mobile phone manufacturers, you have to cry to death.
However, this does not stop.
Next to Lin Fan, after seeing his face Baishan couple curious play devil touch this machine, the reigning shrugged his shoulders, hold a smile:
“! Dad, this phone back shell, very hard.”
“Yes, I I bought a bunch of walnuts today, but I forgot to buy nuclear tongs! Or, you can drop a few and try! ”
Lin Fan’s words made Zhang Tianli almost scared to death.
Smashed walnuts?
Do you want to use a devil machine to smash walnuts, I have a big grass!
Zhang Tianli only felt that in his heart, ten thousand grassy horses rushed past, especially when he saw that Lin Fan actually walked into the kitchen and brought out a basket of walnuts. He wanted to kill him.
“Xiao Fan, this walnut looks good! I have to taste it!”
Bai Shan was delighted .
Right now, he was on the sofa, took out a walnut, and then used the phone case to smash it against it!
The walnuts smashed.
This scene caused Shen Yumei and Bai Shan’s faces to burst into laughter, and smiled and cursed at Lin Fan:
“You stinky kid, you actually bought some weird things! Not to mention, the quality of this phone is really good, not only It can be used as a phone, and it can be self-defense!”
“If you encounter thieves and robbers, such a cell phone smashes over, maybe you can stun those bad guys!” Shen Yumei and Bai Shan laughed happily.
And seeing their happy appearance, Lin Fan was naturally full of comfort.
for him!
Although the devil machine is expensive, it is not as valuable as the smile of his father-in-law.
As long as they are willing, let alone smashing walnuts, it doesn’t matter if they actually smash the Devil Machine.
At this moment, listening to the sound of Baishan knocking on walnuts, Zhang Tianli beside him involuntarily covered his heart.
He just felt that his heart was almost bleeding.
Using the tungsten steel and gold shell of the Devil Machine to smash the walnuts is definitely the first one.
It’s more than that!
Baishan handed the smashed walnut kernels to Bai Yi and Chu Yu. After they ate them, their eyes brightened.
“Huh? Don’t tell me, the walnut kernels smashed out with a mobile phone are really delicious!”
Chu Yu seemed to have discovered the New World, with curiosity on his face.
And hear this!
Zhang Tianli almost sprayed a mouthful of old blood on his face.
“Lao Zhang, your complexion is not pretty, do you want to eat some walnuts! Believe me, the walnuts from this mobile phone really taste different!”
Chu Yu said to Zhang Tianli.
Hearing this, Zhang Tianli wanted to slap the bastard to death.
He quickly said to Chu Yu:
“Master, let’s go now! Old man, I feel a little sick today!”
After hearing this, everyone realized that Zhang Tianli’s complexion was extremely ugly.
Even on that forehead, there was a lot of sweat flowing down.

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