Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 350

This scene shocked Chu Yu and nodded quickly. He should say: ”
Old Zhang, then I will take you to the hospital now!” Zhang Tianli is the cash cow of their Chu family. Naturally, Chu Yu didn’t dare to neglect, and immediately asked Bai Yi’s family. After he left, he burned his ass and hurried out of the house with Zhang Tianli.
Until the two walked out of Bai Yi’s house and got in the car. Phew

Zhang Tianli let out a long sigh of relief. He was really afraid that if he continued to stay at Bai Yi’s house, he would be frightened by Lin Fan and others to have a heart attack.
“Lao Zhang, which hospital are we going to now?”
Chu Yu asked Zhang Tianli as he fastened his seat belt.
Just heard this!
Zhang Tianli shook his head and said with a complicated face:
“Don’t go to the hospital!”
This sentence made Chu Yu’s movements pause. Right now, he turned his head to look at Zhang Tianli, with a deep doubt in his eyes:
“Didn’t you always say that you are uncomfortable?”
Zhang Tianli sneered, and then looked at Chu Yu as if looking at an idiot:
“Because I was… scared!”
Zhang Tianli’s words made Chu Yu hardly believe her ears.
Who dares to scare Zhang Tianli, the famous mobile phone designer?
Is this a joke?
A thick awkward smile appeared on Chu Yu’s face, and he asked suspiciously:
“Lao Zhang, what you said, I… why don’t I understand?” Ca n’t understand?
Zhang Tianli looked at Chu Yu’s gaze with a deep sarcasm, and asked playfully:
“Is the walnut kernel delicious just now?”
Chu Yu was completely stunned. He found that he couldn’t keep up with Zhang Tianli’s rhythm, especially why the other party asked about walnut kernels again?
However, even if Chu Yu had ten thousand doubts in her heart, she nodded and said,
“Okay… delicious! Zhang Lao, is there a problem with that walnut kernel?”
“No problem!”
Zhang Tianli smiled bitterly and shook his head, then His eyes, through the car window, looked towards Bai Yi’s house, as if he could hear the walnut knocking sound from Bai Yi’s house far away:
“However, the walnut kernel was smashed out with a devil machine. Can it not taste good?”
Devil machine!
When these three words fell behind Chu Yu’s ears.
Chu Yu’s whole body was like being struck by lightning, and her body trembled so hard that she could hardly believe her ears.
He opened his eyes wide, as if he had seen a ghost, looking at Zhang Tianli, his voice was trembling: “Zhang…Old Zhang! Are you…are you always joking? How could the walnuts come out of a devil machine? , That is obviously Lin Fan’s tattered old age…”
Halfway through Chu Yu’s words, she stopped abruptly.
As if thinking of something, he almost fell from his chin in shock:
“You…you mean that Lin Fan’s old Nokia is a legendary…devil machine?”
After Chu Yu said this, he only felt his heart jump to his throat instantly.
How can it be!
The legendary legend of the mobile phone industry-the devil machine, how could it appear here, how could it be in Lin Fan’s body, isn’t this an international joke?
“Isn’t it incredible?”
Zhang Tianli looked at Chu Yu complicatedly, and the meaning in his voice was difficult to understand:
“But… it’s really true!”
“The back shell of the old Nokia version is made of tungsten steel! The fat keyboard that you laughed at is covered with tiger shark skin!”
Hearing this convincing word, Chu Yu’s whole body trembled fiercely.
He naturally does not doubt Zhang Tianli’s professionalism.
The other party is one of China’s most famous mobile phone designers, and it is absolutely impossible to mistake the Devil Machine.
In other words, all of this is true!
The’older version of Nokia’ he laughed at was the devil machine in Megatron.

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