Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 353

at the same time!
Royal Club, one of the most upscale clubs in Jiang City.
In one of the boxes, several young people were hugging a coquettish and charming woman, making each other.
The lights are falling, ambiguous!
Let the whole box be filled with a smell of alcohol and hormones.
Just when a few young people just entered the show and couldn’t wait to get their guns up.
The door of the entire box was slammed open from the outside, and a young man wearing glasses, holding a display screen, ran in anxiously.
“Glasses, you fucking…”
Several young people were taken aback, and when they saw the man with glasses who came in, they immediately shouted angrily.
And at the moment!
The young man with glasses seemed to care nothing about the attitude of the crowd. Instead, to the handsome young man who led him , he said cheerfully: “Brother Hao! There is a signal! We finally found it!”
The words of the glasses made the handsome young man stunned for a moment. He couldn’t help but ask in confusion:
“Glasses, what is the signal?”
“The devil machine! The devil machine has a signal! It’s in Jiangshi!” Fei, hot luster splashed in those eyes.
And when his words fell, whether it was Brother Hao or the other young people, they all lifted their spirits, rubbed them, and all stood up from the sofa.
In each of his eyes, there was a strong color of unbelievable flashing.
“Glasses, you… what you said is true? The Devil Machine is really in Jiangshi?”
Brother Hao’s voice had a trembling feeling.
It seems to be talking about a treasure, a fetish, with fanaticism and disbelief.
Not only him!
The rest of the youth also stared straight at the glasses one by one, and their breathing became rapid, and they seemed to be extremely nervous.
And see the look of everyone.
With a big mouth in his glasses, the whole person almost danced, handing the display screen in his hand to everyone, and then said:
“Brother Hao, when you are playing, I have been monitoring the signal tower of the devil machine! Not long ago, There was movement in the signal tower!”
“Obviously, someone made a call to the owner of the devil machine!”
“Also, I have measured the range, it’s in Jiangshi, and it’s still in the city!”
Glasses said , Like a blockbuster, made Brother Hao and everyone, almost happy to explode!
Devil machine!
For their enthusiasts of electronic devices, it is a god.
Although they have been monitoring the signal tower of the Devil machine before, they don’t have much hope in their hearts. After all, it is something jointly developed by the world’s top ten mobile phone manufacturers.
Countless fanatical enthusiasts around the world are staring at it.
But Brother Hao and others couldn’t imagine that the Devil Machine appeared!
And in the city where they are!
“Okay! Great!”
Brother Hao flushed with excitement, his eyes, fixedly staring at the display screen in his glasses, can clearly see that there is a red dot on it.
The displayed distance is only a dozen kilometers!
“Everyone, follow me! Let’s go find the owner of that magic machine now!”
“No matter what the price is paid today, the Devil Machine must be obtained! With the Devil Machine, then our Jiangnan Princely Party will spread the name to the world!”
Brother Hao waved his hand!
All the young people put on their clothes one after another, and then rushed towards the door like burning buttocks!
Jiangnan Princely Party!
That’s right!
Each of these young people is the son of a great chaebol in the south of the Yangtze River.
And being targeted by them is definitely a nightmare for many Jiangshi people!

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