Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 360

Under Baishan’s bewildered sight, Lin Fan walked out of the house, then rode on an electric car, and quickly left Bai’s house.

At the same time!
Around Bai Yi’s house, a pair of eyes, from the other floors of the community, are always paying attention to the movement of Bai’s house.
Some of these people belong to Lord Tiger, and some belong to Lord Dao!
Also, it belongs to the Tianlong Group and government staff.
They were planted in the residential buildings around Bai Yi’s house day and night. They only had one job, which was to prevent some young people from disturbing Bai Yi’s family.
And at the moment!
After they saw that Lin Fan was riding an electric bicycle with a gloomy face, showing a kind of suffocation, and quickly left the house!
Suddenly, one phone call after another came out of these people’s hands.
Lord Tiger, BOSS is out, I think he seems extremely angry, I don’t know what happened?” “Master Dao, it’s not good, it seems that someone has offended Mr. Lin, and now Mr. Lin is riding out on an electric bike! ”
Hey! Mr. One, Mr. Lin just went out, I don’t know what happened?”
One call after another shook Jiang City!
And with these calls.
The big figures in Jiang City were completely shaken.
Lin Fan is angry!
Neither Lord Tiger nor Lord Dao, Blood Rose, or City One, have never seen them before.
But right now, there was obviously something short-eyed that angered Lin Fan, so what was waiting was the dragon’s anger.
at the same time!
At the door of the mobile phone shop.
Shen Yumei sat on the ground desperately, and on her face, the palm print was even more bright red, as if blood was dripping.
Beside her, the fat shopkeeper and others were constantly encouraging.
“Madam, I advise you to stop this matter! Even if your husband and son-in-law are here, it will be of no avail!”
“Yes, those people are the princelings of Jiangnan City, we ordinary people can’t afford to offend!”
“I am. I heard that these princelings can do anything, especially a big family with big hands and eyes. They want to kill an ordinary person, just like playing!”
“…” The fat shopkeeper and the customers around were also out of good intentions. .
After all, in their eyes, that valuable devil machine is very important, but human life is even more important.
If it really irritates the group of princes, I am afraid that it is Shen Yumei’s family that will follow.
Listen to this persuasion.
Shen Yumei’s face became paler and helpless.
That’s right!
At this moment, she also regretted it in her heart.
She was also afraid of Tian Hao’s group, especially if Lin Fan’s hot character knew that she had been beaten, she was afraid that something would happen.
When the time comes, it will hurt Lin Fan even more!
“What to do? My son-in-law is already on the way here! I knew that I…I won’t make this call!”
Shen Yumei was anxious at this moment like an ant on a hot pot, for fear that after Lin Fan came, Impulsively, do some extreme things.
At that time, the life of his son-in-law will be destroyed by the hands of those princes.
And just when Shen Yumei regretted it, the whistle of an electric car rang.
Everyone suddenly saw that a young man, riding an electric car hurriedly, came to everyone.
Especially, this young man quickly jumped off the electric car and ran in front of Shen Yumei as soon as he approached, eagerly asking:
“Mom, are you okay?”
Hearing this!
The fat boss and others have thoroughly confirmed that this young man who came here riding an electric bike is Shen Yumei’s son-in-law.
Electric car?
How could this kind of character compare with Tian Hao and others who drove a supercar.
This is almost like an ant, compared with the dragon, it is just a joke.

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