Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 363

Just when Shen Yumei and others couldn’t believe their eyes.
The next scene once again made them horrified to death.
It was the roar of engines again, and then a luxury car, from the north of the road, came straight and fast.
The same is twenty or thirty cars.
During the collision, it was as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, the road to the north was almost completely stopped.
Then from above, one after another white-clothed men walked down.
The headed one looks thirty or forty years old.
His eyes were cold, like a poisonous snake, with a suffocating aura while walking.
Especially, there is a long scar on the corner of his eyes, which is constantly wriggling with the beating of his face, looking like a poisonous snake crawling on his face, which makes people shudder.
See this man!
The fat boss and others screamed out again:
“Knife… Master Dao! He is the master of the North City-Master Dao !” Wow… At this moment, the fat boss and the others couldn’t help but look at Lin Fan. The idea of ​​confidence emerged in their hearts.
Could it be that Lord Dao and others came because of… him!
Da da da!
The footsteps of Master Dao and others fell on the hearts of everyone, making their hearts beating wildly.
It was like a pack of hungry wolves approaching.
Until this group of people in white came to Lin Fan, they all bowed and saluted:
“Mr. Lin, here we are!”
Sure enough!
Shen Yumei was dumbfounded, and the fat boss and others were dumbfounded.
Blood Rose, Tiger Lord, Dao Lord!
Together, these three people represent the underground order in Jiang City, and now, they actually bow to the same person.
Doesn’t that mean!
Lin Fan is the real master of Jiangshi Underground, the master of the North and the South!
Thinking of this, the fat boss and the few customers were almost frightened to pee. Each of them shivered and looked at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost.
When they thought that they were still ridiculing Lin Fan just now, it made them almost fainted in fright.
However, the nightmare is still not over!
The hum of the engine came again from east and west.
It’s another luxury car!
Another figure!
When the third team appeared, the heart of the fat boss and others almost popped out of his throat.
Tianlong Group Chairman-Xu Tianlong, and all Tianlong directors.
When these people came in front of Lin Fan, one by one bowed and saluted respectfully:
“BOSS, here we are!”
With this word again, everyone looked at Lin Fan in disbelief.
They simply can’t understand, how could such a guy riding an electric bike be the boss of Red Rose and Xu Tianlong at the same time?
Is it true that Shengshi Club and Tianlong Group are all his properties?
This… is unbelievable.
Everyone felt that they had discovered the biggest secret in Jiang City, frightening them and frightening them.
The last car stopped in front of everyone, but everyone was stunned to see it.
The people who walked down from above turned out to be Zhang Guohao, the number one in Jiang City, and a big boss in the city.
“Mr. Lin, we are here, what happened?”
When Zhang Guohao and others came, a respectful voice came!
The fat boss and others only felt his scalp burst.
They just feel that the whole world is crazy, what happened.
A guy riding an electric bike gathered almost all the big guys in Jiang City, especially everyone bowed to him, which was simply shocking.
More than them!
The most shocking was Shen Yumei.
“BOSS? Mr. Lin?”
“Xiao Fan… who is he?”

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