Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 374

Not to mention running past Lamborghini, Santana’s lights and engines, whether they can rush to this top mountain, is an unknown number, this is almost a losing situation.
At the moment, Xu Ziheng was so angry that he stared at Qiu Jie and asked fiercely:
“Qiu Jie, you are too much, you are the best at circumnavigating the track, so why not let Mr. Lin change cars?”
“Take Santana. To your Lamborghini, can you be more shameless?”
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian didn’t believe that Qiu Jie and others were so shameless.
However, facing this question, Qiu Jie shrugged faintly:
“Sorry, this is our rule! If you want to race, you must abide by it!” In one sentence, Zhang Tian and Xu Ziheng’s complexion became even more gray and gloomy. The water almost dripped out.
It is even more incredible.
Lin Fan nodded lightly, and agreed.
This guy not only agrees to racing and betting on legs, but now he also agrees to drive Santana. Is this crazy?
Everyone around them looked at Lin Fan at this moment, as if they were looking at a madman or an idiot.
This is a losing game!
There is no way to win.
Even Qiu Jie was taken aback for a moment, obviously very surprised. After reacting, the smile on his face was full of sarcasm:
“Hahaha…well! Boy, although I hate you very much, I have to say , Your courage, I admire you!””
“Okay, now let’s find a beauty who is holding a car!”
Qiu Jie beckoned to the crowd at the moment, and suddenly a hot beauty in a bikini walked over and was held in his arms by Qiu Jie.
Afterwards, Qiu Jie smiled and asked everyone,
“Who among you wants to ride in his car?”
Hearing this, almost all of the bikini beauties in the crowd backed away.
Everyone’s head shook like a rattle.
Make Lin Fan’s car?
What a joke!
It was obviously Qiu Jie who was going to deal with Lin Fan at the moment, and he might be on the runway around the mountain to conspiracy against Lin Fan.
Riding in Lin Fan’s car is simply looking for death.
Moreover, how could they sit in a dilapidated Santana car, these money-savvy women!
Suddenly, no one stood up.
And seeing this scene, the many supercar members once again let out a loud burst of laughter:
“Hahaha… boy, have you seen it? No one is optimistic about you! And they want to use Santana against Lamborghini, boy, You’re definitely thinking about it!”
“Huh! I’m afraid that only a fool would get in this man’s car!”
“Look, this kid is really embarrassing to the extreme!” The dense ridicule sounded one after another.
In everyone’s eyes, Lin Fan and his Santana were mocked and mocked like a joke.
This scene made it harder for Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian to look.
After seeing that no one was willing to escort the car for Lin Fan.
The two wanted to volunteer and escort the car for Lin Fan.
But before the two of them stood up, a crisp sound like a silver bell suddenly resounded.
“I am willing!”
After this voice came, the ridiculous smiles on Qiu Jie’s and all the supercar members’ faces suddenly condensed.
Then one after another, he looked at the back of the crowd incredibly.

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