Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 375

Da da da!
In the incredible sight of everyone, the mysterious masked girl walked out slowly!
It turned out to be… she!
Qiu Jie and others could hardly believe their eyes.
This masked girl, they naturally know that not only the figure and dress of this woman resemble Zhang Yichen, the young Asian queen, but at this moment, even the voice is very similar.
Before this woman, she was extremely indifferent.
I didn’t even care about anyone’s strike-up. All those who wanted to strike-up were beaten back by her bodyguard.
But now!
Such a cold and mysterious woman actually agreed to escort Lin Fan to the car and ride in his Santana?
This… is incredible.
Not only Qiu Jie and others are unbelievable, even Huzi and Heizi’s two bodyguards have changed their faces.
The cold sweat of the two of them was frightened, and they quickly persuaded:
“Miss, you can’t go, that guy’s Santana is in danger, and it is likely to fall from the mountain!”
“Yes, miss, if you are in any danger, Then how do we explain to the Patriarch!”
The faces of the two bodyguards were filled with deep anxiety.
Before, my lady said that under Lin Fan’s hands, they couldn’t survive the three tricks, and that was fine.
But the two of them couldn’t even dream that their own lady would actually commit a personal risk to escort Lin Fan’s Santana, which was a joke about his own life.
Just listening to the persuasion of the two, the masked girl waved her hand:
“I have already decided! He lives, I live! He died, I died!”
The words of the masked girl made the two bodyguards and the rest of them hardly believe their ears.
With the total death?
It is hard for everyone to imagine that this noble and elegant mysterious woman is willing to coexist and die with Lin Fan and his Santana!
This is simply unthinkable.
Da da da!
Every step of the masked girl fell on the hearts of everyone, as if it made everyone’s eyes full of horror.
As for Qiu Jie, when he saw the masked girl walking towards Lin Fan, his eyes also flashed a deep hatred.
He had touched up with this woman before!
It was also beaten back by the two bodyguards.
But now, he couldn’t understand how nervous this woman was, rejecting her own kind of wealthy son, and in a blink of an eye, she was willing to escort the car for the door-to-door son-in-law, this is undoubtedly stupid.
Only at this moment.
The girl came to Lin Fan. Her beautiful eyes turned into crescent-like, silver bell-like laughter, and came from Tankou:
“Big Brother Lin, let’s meet again!”
Brother Lin?
When these words came out, everyone was stunned, and they realized that this mysterious girl actually knew Lin Fan.
As for Lin Fan, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.
Since he came here, he has already discovered this mysterious girl and confirmed her identity.
The reason why he didn’t say hello to her was to avoid embarrassment.
But he didn’t expect that the masked girl would appear in front of him in this way at this moment.
“It’s dangerous!” Lin Fan said seriously, staring at the girl’s beautiful eyes.
It is indeed dangerous!
After all, this is a runway around the mountain, a small mistake may cause their car to crash.
Even Lin Fan is not 100% sure.

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