Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 380

“How did this bastard do it? In the past three years, I have never heard that he can drive with this rubbish, and now, he has obviously reached the level of a professional racer!”
Lin Guangyao couldn’t believe it, after all such a long time. Since then, he has always thought that Lin Fan is a waste.
But now…
this waste has been completed twice in a row, a corner kill that all professional racers cannot do!
This almost subverted Lin Guangyao’s worldview.
“Oh my God, there are still five hundred meters! It’s broken, is it true that Brother Jie will not be able to catch up with this guy!”
At this moment, an incredible scream resounded from the crowd.
Everyone realized that Santana was getting closer and closer to Lamborghini.
Especially from one thousand meters, now it has been catching up to five hundred meters.
Seeing this scene, the faces of all the supercar members turned pale.
at the same time!
On Lamborghini, Qiu Jie had no idea what was happening outside.
He drove the car with one hand, with the other hand out, he was constantly walking and stroking on the white body of the hot bikini beauty.
The hot girl was flushed and panting at this moment.
The super fast speed and passionate touch make the hot girl almost uncontrollable.
“Hey, how’s it going? Is it good to be in Jie’s car?” Qiu Jie asked the hot girl next to him with a wicked smile.
And hear this!
The hot girl couldn’t help but cast a wink at Qiu Jie, and then said out of breath:
“Cool! Jie’s driving skills are so good, I…I can’t stand it!”
As the hot girl said, she stretched out her hand and pulled Qiu Jie’s palm out of her clothes.
Then, her hot red lips opened slightly, and she started to lick her fingers.
When the warm and fragrant tongue touched Qiu Jie’s finger, the desire in Qiu Jie’s eyes completely boiled.
“Hey! That figure resembles chapter Ariel woman, really senseless, even willing to take a ragged Santana!”
“Ha ha ha …… this moment, for fear that eating two gray qualifications are not in the back!”
Said, Qiu Jie felt the fingers, and the spicy girl’s fragrant tongue squirmed, and her lust was surging.
“Little wave hoof, wait for Brother Jie, I will throw the broken copper and broken iron behind you a little further, I will do you in the car!”
Qiu Jie smiled abnormally.
But at this moment.
The ringing of his phone rang.
At the moment Qiu Jie thought it was a supercar member who wanted to give him good news, and completely threw Lin Fan’s waste away, far, far away.
With a finger press, the call is connected.
However, just after the call was connected, Qiu Jie suddenly heard the noises and curses coming from the other end of the phone.
Qiu Jie was taken aback for a moment, and he hadn’t waited for him to ask.
I heard the panicked words of a supercar member on the phone, and resounded:
“Brother Jie, speed up! Speed ​​up! That guy will catch up with you soon! ”
As soon as he said this, the smile on Qiu Jie’s entire face completely froze.
At the moment, he quickly looked into his rearview mirror.
And under his sight.
Under the dim runway lights, a Santana, with a burst of hysterical roar, penetrated the night, and even chased itself quickly.
“This… how is this possible!”
Qiu Jie was completely confused.

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