Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 395

“Could it be that Lin Fan is Master Lin?:
“He, is the terrifying existence that his elders came to curry favor with! ”
Tian Hao was stunned, and all the other supercar members were dumbfounded.
They looked at Lin Fan one by one, dumbfounded.
Among them, Lin Guangyao was confused. He didn’t understand, what happened to Tian Hao’s father? What does it mean?
This purpose has something to do with Lin Fan ? Lin Guangyao thought of this, and then a strong eagerness appeared on his face, he wanted to reach Tian Hao’s ear and continue to persuade Tian Hao.
But, He hadn’t spoken yet! He was stunned to see that Tian Hao’s whole body was as if all the energy had been taken away, and the whole person’s head was drooped.
He said to his father on the phone, shaking:
“Dad…I, I know how to do it! ”
After that!
Tian Hao hung up his phone, then turned his head, looked at the supercar members one after another, a deep bitterness appeared on his face:
“Do you understand now?” ”
Hearing this!
Not only Tian Hao, but all the other supercar members have extremely complicated expressions on their faces.
They are not idiots!
Naturally understand everything from Tian Hao’s father’s words.
Lin Fan is Lin Fan. Grandmaster, it was the purpose of their family elders who came here one by one, to flatter the terrifying existence.
Even, for this person!
Tian Hao’s father even sent out ruthless words, if they did not listen, then they would take it. Waiting for the lives of others.
For an instant, the complexities and panic were over the faces of everyone, and they nodded.
“Okay! Now that you understand everything, then copy the guy!”
As Tian Hao’s words fell, he went straight to his supercar and then took out a baseball bat from the car.
Not only him!
The supercar members, either unwilling or frightened, went to their sports car likewise and took out one after another baseball bats.
In the blink of an eye, dozens of young and old, each with a baseball bat, looked majestic, and the scene was extremely spectacular.
See this scene!
Lin Guangyao couldn’t help but lifted his spirits. He immediately thought that Tian Hao was going to take people and do it himself.
When Lin Guangyao saw that Tian Hao was holding a baseball bat and leading a famous super-running member around Lin Fan, he almost jumped up with excitement.
“Tian Shao mighty! Kill this little son-in-law, come on!” Lin Guangyao cheered excitedly.
After all, dozens of people are facing Lin Fan alone.
Moreover, Tian Hao and others were holding baseball bats, even if they were one person, Lin Fan could be seriously injured.
Thought of this!
Lin Guangyao couldn’t close his excited mouth even more.
And the other side.
Seeing dozens of young and old men and women approaching menacingly with sticks in their hands, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian felt their scalp numb for a while:
“Mr. Lin, you…you hurry up! These are the rich and young of Jiangnan City, and there are all behind them. One force, you can’t kill them all, you can only look for opportunities in the future!”
“Yes, Mr. Lin, the hero does not suffer from immediate losses! Let’s go, we two will help you stop! They dare not do anything to us of!”
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian, ​​their faces pale as paper, urged Lin Fan eagerly.
What surprised them was that Lin Fan stood motionless, but instead embraced his arms as if watching a play.
Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian were completely confused.
They didn’t understand what Lin Fan wanted to do.
However, in the next scene, Xu Ziheng and Zhang Tian almost fell out of their eyes.

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