Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 398

“Why… how could this happen! Brother Hao’s leg was also broken. Could it be that little bastard did it?”
Thinking of this, Qiu Jie stopped as if he had stepped on his tail.
Then from Lamborghini, quickly ran down and ran towards Tian Hao.
“Brother Hao! You…what’s wrong with your legs? Did this little bastard do it?”
“Crazy, he is so crazy, he dared to break your legs, the legs of all our princelings! I want to report to our family, I want to kill this little beast!”
Qiu Jie ran to Tian Hao and the others, screaming like crazy.
It’s just that these roars made Tian Hao and all the members of the princeling party even more pale.
Large beads of sweat flowed down from the foreheads of Tian Hao and others.
“Qiu Jie!” At this moment, Tian Hao said coldly to Qiu Jie.
Heard this!
Qiu Jie ran over and bent over to help Tian Hao up, but at this moment , Tian Hao continued: “Don’t help me! Give me my baseball bat!”
Tian Hao pointed, not far away Baseball bat.
This sentence made Qiu Jie a little stunned. He didn’t know what happened to Tian Hao, but he still felt something wrong in his heart.
However, Qiu Jie didn’t think much, and immediately handed the blood-stained baseball bat to Tian Hao’s hand.
“Qiu Jie, I’m sorry! This is the decision made by your enemies, our Tian family, and all the families who came to Jiangshi!”
Tian Hao looked at Qiu Jie with a hint of apology on his face.
However, his words made Qiu Jie even more confused.
Not waiting for Qiu Jie’s inquiry.
He was surprised to find that Tian Hao actually raised the baseball bat in his hand, and then swiped it down at himself!
The baseball bat, with a tremendous force, hit Qiu Jie’s calf fiercely, and suddenly a clear sound of bone fragmentation resounded.
Qiu Jie crashed to the ground, when the majestic pain swept through, making him scream in disbelief:
“Hao… Brother Hao! Why are you hitting me? My leg, ah ah Ah… my leg is broken!”
Qiu Jie was dumbfounded.
The hot girl was also dumbfounded in the eyes of the two. Tian Hao was crazy, and he was so painful to his brother, it was incredible for them.
However, Tian Hao ignored Qiu Jie’s questioning. He turned his head to look at Lin Fan, and a deep pleading expression appeared in his expression:
“Lin…Mr. Lin, according to your intentions, all of us legs, all broken! ” ”
we look to you to have a lot of adults, forgive us! ”
Tian Hao seemed to have thought of something. He quickly took out the devil machine from his pocket, then held it with his hands and handed it to Lin Fan respectfully:
“This is your devil machine, please keep it! Another day! , We must come again to ask for sin!”
Tian Hao lowered his arrogant head towards Lin Fan.
Not only him!
The supercar members with broken legs in the back also followed Tian Hao and bowed their heads to Lin Fan to show humility!
This scene fell in Qiu Jie’s eyes, making him even more like seeing a ghost.
How could this happen…
Tian Hao actually broke his leg just to ask Lin Fan to forgive him?
how can that be!
Especially, not only Tian Hao, but the other supercar members even acquiesced in this behavior, and they all lowered their noble heads towards Lin Fan.
It was like a bolt from the blue sky, making Qiu Jie petrochemical on the spot.
But Lin Fan didn’t care about Qiu Jie’s horror.
Shen Yumei’s slap of revenge has already been reported, so the matter can naturally end here.
“Remember, the next time, not only you, including your family, will be destroyed!”
Lin Fan coldly swept everyone present.
His gaze was like a sharp chilling knife. Whenever it fell on a person, that person felt the bone-chilling coldness, one by one, shuddering.

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