Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 403

In front of the Hilton Hotel in Jiangshi.
A tattered Santana stopped.
“Have you stayed here recently?” Lin Fan frowned as he looked at the Hilton Hotel outside.
Although this hotel is one of the most luxurious in Jiang City, it is much worse in terms of security.
“Yeah! I should be leaving Jiang City in the last few days, and the family has already started urging!”
Zhang Yichen walked down from Santana, and then couldn’t help taking a deep look at Lin Fan, and replied with a wry smile.
Heard this!
Lin Fan took a deep look at Huzi and Heizi next to him, and then said solemnly:
“I have received news that you will be in danger recently!”
Huzi and Heizi were taken aback for a moment, and then the two said to Lin Fan:
“Little brother, don’t worry! I’m from a bloodblade, and my lady will never have a problem with me!”
“That’s right! I also came from a wolf tooth, and have been protecting the young lady for three years! I have never made a mistake!”
Huzi and Heizi are full of confidence.
For their top-level special forces background, let alone some juniors in Jiang City, even if they are international mercenaries, they are not the opponents of the two at all.
This is more than that.
Huzi continued to grin, and said:
“In addition, the family is trying to recall the lady this time! A team of bodyguards will be sent today! Everyone in there is an elite force carefully cultivated by the family! There are as many as twelve people. So, little brother, you don’t need to worry!” The two faces were full of confidence.
Seeing this scene, Lin Fan felt an even worse premonition in his heart.
After all, it was Cather Rowling who called for warning this time!
Based on Lin Fan’s understanding of Rowling, if it was just a small killer or mercenary, she would definitely not be alarmed.
In other words, the person who came to assassinate Zhang Yichen this time was absolutely extraordinary.
Thinking of this, Lin Fan immediately took out a soybean-sized object from his pocket and handed it to Zhang Yichen:
“This is a siren! If you are in danger, remember to press this one, and I will come to rescue you! ”
These words of Lin Fan made Hu Zi and Hei Zi’s complexion slightly ugly.
In the eyes of the two, Lin Fan’s move obviously did not believe in his protection ability.
When the two saw that Zhang Yichen obediently obeyed Lin Fan’s words and put the alarm in his pocket, their complexion became more difficult to look at.
“Little brother, our lady said, the two of us added together can’t support three tricks under your hand!”
“When we have the opportunity, our brother must ask you for advice or two!”
Hu Zi and Hei Zi stared at each other. Lin Fan was full of provocation.
And hear this!
Lin Fan smiled slightly, and said profoundly:
“Don’t worry! It is estimated that we will compete tonight!”
Lin Fan was too lazy to quarrel with the two, and waved his hand to Zhang Yichen at the moment, and then drove the tattered Santana towards the Liyuan Palace.
Watching Lin Fan leave.
Huzi and Heizi couldn’t help but smile and said to Zhang Yichen:
“Miss, I don’t think you need to be scared by this kid! We are from elite troops. If we can’t protect you, what right does he have to say to save you!”
“Yes, miss! The elite of the family tonight! , Will come, plus our brother, you must be foolproof!”
Listen to the words of the two!
The corners of Zhang Yichen’s mouth twitched slightly, and he said with a wry smile:
“I hope!”
With her beautiful eyes, she took a deep look at the direction that Lin Fan was leaving. That jade hand held the alarm in her pocket tighter.

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