Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 415

The night gradually deepened.
The whole Jiang City seemed to have fallen into the mouth of a terrifying behemoth, and the air was filled with a depressive and silent atmosphere.
It’s just that no one knows.
Outside the gate of Jiangshi Airport, there was a limited edition Rolls Royce Phantom parked at the gate of the airport.
And a young man, with eight bodyguards in black, was quietly waiting for something.
“Housekeeper Fu, did you say that the young master made a big fuss? By Zhang Yichen’s side, there are only the Huzi and Heizi bodyguards. We are eight people, how can we kill Zhang Yichen?”
A bodyguard faced the next person. Asked the young housekeeper.
Huzi and Heizi were born in Blood Blade and Spike.
But of the eight of them, any one of them is a mercenary group from the world.
In terms of strength, fighting alone may not be as good as Huzi and Heizi, but if it is a team fight, they will win with more and less.
The young housekeeper, named Fu Ming, had a pale face and no beard, with triangular eyes and a hint of cold light.
At this moment, after hearing the words of the bodyguard, he couldn’t help but shook his head and said with a light smile:
“Zhang Yi, you are too careless! Do you really think that the family only equips Zhang Yichen with two bodyguards?”
“I told you Are you? The internal struggle within the Zhang family has now reached a fierce level. The old lady insisted on going her own way and wanted to give the Zhang family to Zhang Yichen. How could she not be prepared!”
The corner of Fu Ming’s mouth, the housekeeper, was cold and cruel:
“That old guy, who has spent a high price long ago, invited the top ten Chinese martial arts masters in Jiangnan to escort Zhang Yichen, and even equipped a chapter guard to guard Zhang Yichen!”
“Do you think that with the strength of the eight of you, you can succeed?”
The top ten martial arts masters in Jiangnan!
Hearing this, the eight bodyguards next to them all sank, showing a thick solemn look.
They came from mercenaries, but naturally they would not underestimate the heroes of the world. Take the Jiangnan Guoshu Master as an example.
Among them, the one that worries them the most is the number one Kong Sheng!
It is said that this person was under the guidance of a mysterious master, and his strength improved by leaps and bounds. With one person’s strength, he defeated the other nine people one after another and became the No. 1 National Magician in the South of the Yangtze River.
Not to mention, in addition to the top ten national magicians, there is also the Zhang Family Guards!
It was also an elite team, and every member was a desperado who licked blood all year round.
Zhang Yi’s face showed a strong unwillingness, and continued:
“Bu Steward, then we can’t do it, who else can the young master invite?”
“The top ten Chinese martial arts masters are sitting here, and I am afraid that only grandmaster-level figures can be defeated. ! And the great master of China, who is not a proud person, would he please move easily!”
The faces of the eight bodyguards all appeared thick and unbelievable.
after all!
It is too difficult to invite a master-level figure.
And hear this!
Butler Fu Ming’s mouth showed a hint of playfulness:
“This time, the person invited is the tenth killer in East Asia-Blood Wolf!”
When he heard the name Blood Wolf, the eight bodyguards next to him were shocked.
They are naturally familiar with this name.
Legend has it that this person is a Chinese, and he has been practicing with a terrifying master since his childhood.
After adulthood, he traveled abroad and accepted assassination missions.
In his twenties, he has accepted no fewer than fifty assassination missions.
No one misses!
It is ranked tenth in the East Asian killer list.

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