Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 418

“Forget it! You deal with these eight corpses!” After the blood wolf said lightly, he walked straight to Rolls Royce and walked slowly.
Seeing this scene, the butler Fu Ming hurried forward to open the door.
Until the blood wolf got in the car.
The housekeeper Fu Ming took a pitying look. Zhang Yi on the ground waited for the corpses of eight people, made a call, sent someone to deal with it, and then went straight into the car.
Dang Fu Ming just got in the car.
The words of the blood wolf in the back row came straight:
“Who is the opponent this time?”
The words of the blood wolf were full of carelessness.
It seemed that he was not inquiring about his opponent at all, but just asking about the name of the next undead soul that would die in his hands, nothing more.
Butler Fu Ming glanced at Blood Wolf in horror from the rearview mirror, and then cautiously said:
“Mr. Blood Wolf, this time the assassination target is our Longcheng Miss Zhang Family-Zhang Yichen!”
“And protect her. Yes, in addition to the two retired special forces of Blood Blade and Spike! There are also the top ten martial arts masters of Jiangnan Province, and the guards sent by the Zhang family! ”
Ten top martial arts masters?
Heard this!
The eyes of the blood wolf suddenly lit up, as if a hunter had found a prey, full of joy:
“I have heard of a guy named Kong Sheng among the top ten Chinese magicians!”
“It is said that the old guy was affected With the guidance of a mysterious grandmaster, the strength is advancing by leaps and bounds! Tsk tsk, maybe I can ask the whereabouts of that grandmaster from the mouth of this old thing!”
“Grandmaster, it’s fun to kill!”
Hearing this, the housekeeper Fu Ming felt a tingling scalp.
He couldn’t imagine how the blood wolf looked so young, so crazy.
As if in his eyes, the top ten martial arts masters are just native chickens, which can be destroyed instantly.
But what really interested him was the mysterious master hidden in Jiangshi.
“Master Blood Wolf, where are we going now?” Butler Fu Ming asked cautiously now.
“Go and kill!” The Blood Wolf said slowly, and then his eyes looked at the night scene of Jiang City that was constantly flying past the window.
No longer want to say one more thing.
Suddenly, the butler Fu Ming drove the Rolls Royce and hurried away towards the Hilton International Hotel where Zhang Yichen was staying.

And at the same time!
I am afraid that Zhang Yichen, Huzi, Heizi and others would never dream of it. A terrible crisis is approaching quietly.
The Hilton Hotel at this moment has already been completely covered by the Zhang family.
Noda’s hotel lobby was almost full of members of the Zhang family guards.
And in the lobby!
Huzi and Heizi sat boringly, chatting.
“Cut! I really didn’t expect that the old man would put on such a big battle. Not only did we send our Zhang family guard team, but even the top ten national magicians in the south of the Yangtze River were all invited!”
Huzi couldn’t help shook his head. Obviously, he was extremely dissatisfied with the distrust of the old man and others.
Heard this!
Heizi frowned and said solemnly:
“This is not to blame the old man . After all, the heir of the Longcheng Zhang family is too important! Especially, the old man is now dying, and the rest of the young ladies, just count. Ready to move! The old man is obviously afraid of Miss, an accident!”
In Heizi’s mind, Lin Fan’s words could not help but sounded:
“Yes, Huzi! You said that guy named Lin Fan, does he really know what news? Otherwise, how could he suddenly remind our lady that someone wants to be right? She is unfavorable!”
Lin Fan?
Huzi was taken aback, and then said with a sarcasm:
“Heizi, are you stupid? That Lin Fan has a little skill in his hands, but he is only a three-legged cat! It may be more than enough to deal with those princes and youngsters. Compared with people like us who are always on the verge of life and death, he is not qualified at all!”

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