Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 419

Huzi was obviously right. Zhang Yichen said that the two of them were still worried about Lin Fan’s three tricks.
Hearing this, Heizi nodded involuntarily.
But at this moment!
There was a commotion outside the hotel, and Hu Zi and Hei Zi frowned.
“What’s wrong? What happened?” The two bodyguards stood up and asked the guards outside the door.
And in their voices, just fell.
Suddenly I saw that several members of the guards, dragging two men, walked in.
“Report, we caught two paparazzi in the grass outside the door!”
Hearing this, Heizi and Huzi breathed a sigh of relief.
After all, Zhang Yichen, but the little Asian queen, where she lives, there is no shortage of paparazzi.
Even if the ordinary paparazzi were almost completely expelled by them, some people would still be unwilling to come to sneak photos.
“Forget it! Let them go!”
Huzi waved his hand indifferently.
It’s just that when the members of the guards just let go.
The middle-aged paparazzi rushed up and asked Huzi and Heizi:
“Excuse me, the man who drove Miss Zhang Yichen back this evening in a tattered Santana. Is it Lin Fan, the waste son-in-law of the Bai family? ”
The words of this middle-aged paparazzi changed the expressions of Huzi and Sunspot slightly.
Huzi and Heizi didn’t expect that this middle-aged paparazzi would have revealed the identity of Lin Fan.
The two asked with a gloomy expression:
“What nonsense are you talking about?”
“Don’t be nervous, I’m just asking!” The middle-aged paparazzi was startled by Huzi and he quickly waved his hand to explain.
However, Huzi and Heizi didn’t listen at all.
Their eyes involuntarily looked at the camera in the hands of the middle-aged paparazzi, and then asked:
“Did you capture something? Bring me his camera!”
Suddenly two members of the guards, He rushed forward, regardless of the struggle and resistance of the middle-aged paparazzi, and snatched that camera away after three or seventy-one.
“I didn’t take any pictures! I just asked casually! Return the camera to me, otherwise, I will call the police!” The middle-aged paparazzi yelled.
But Huzi and Heizi ignored them.
They immediately turned on the camera, took pictures one by one, and began to search.
Suddenly, in the photos, the two saw that these were photos of Santana in the afternoon.
Among them, Zhang Yichen walked down from Santana, and pictures of the two of them.
But the only thing that made Huzi and Heizi unbelievable was the photo of Lin Fan.
Back view!
There were more than twenty photos of Lin Fan, but except for Lin Fan’s back, it was his profile face, and every frontal photo was blurry, and none of them were halal.
At this moment, the cub could not help sunspots and looked at each other, then the two middle-aged look unto the paparazzi, his face curious asked:
“?? Are you really that paparazzi photography too bad, right”
“Even people’s positive I can’t even take a face photo!”
Heard this!
Whether it was the middle-aged paparazzi or the young paparazzi next to him, a wry smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.
“Two uncles, it’s not that our shooting skills are not good at all! My apprentice and I, after discovering that we didn’t take the front of the person, we specially photographed him! But in addition to blur, it is still blurry! The clearest picture, also It’s just his profile!”

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