Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 426

“Master Chou! Master Tian! Why are you here? Where’s the young lady?”
Huzi and Heizi were startled when they saw these eight masters of national martial arts.
These ten people should be guarding their own young lady, how come here.
Heard this.
Master Qiu couldn’t help taking a solemn look at Blood Wolf before he said:
“Miss Yichen is worried that you two will be unpredictable, and we have eight of us come to help!”
“Don’t worry! Master Kong and Master Xu have already taken them. Miss Yichen, leave from the back door! ”
This sentence caused Huzi and Heizi to let go of their holding hearts.
Master Kong is the strongest among the crowd, and his strength is infinitely close to the threshold of a quasi-master.
With him and Master Xu escorting Zhang Yichen to evacuate, then they and Master Qiu and the others will join forces, and they only need to buy enough time to keep Zhang Yichen safe and sound.
“Okay! If that’s the case, please trouble everyone, masters, and I will leave this murderer here!”
Huzi’s face showed a strong excitement.
Ten to one!
Especially, among these ten people, their two top special veterans of China, plus eight top masters of national martial arts, they did not believe that this blood wolf could be against the sky.
Huh huh!
In an instant, Huzi, Heizi, and Master Qiu separated their figures in an instant, as if flashes of lightning flashed and moved, surrounding the blood wolf.
Ten of them, one by one, were aggressive, with a strong confidence in their eyes.
Obviously, the ten people joined forces to greatly increase their confidence. They did not believe that the blood wolf could break through the siege in a short time.
“That’s it?”
However, what surprised the ten people was that instead of the slightest worry on the blood wolf’s face, there was a deep sarcasm:
“Then one minute!”
This sentence changed the expressions of Huzi and others.
What do you mean?
The blood wolf meant to break through the blockade of ten people in one minute?
But how is this possible!
Whether it is Huzi, Heizi, Master Qiu, etc., there is a strong expression of resentment on their faces. In their eyes, the words of the blood wolf are simply a humiliation to them.
“I mean, defeat all of you in one minute!”
In a word, let Huzi and others, can’t believe their ears. , One minute, defeat them…?
The anger in almost everyone’s heart was instantly aroused by the madness of the blood wolf.
The ten of them joined forces, not to mention that the blood wolf was so young, even the top veteran grandmaster figure, it was impossible to defeat them in one minute, this was the greatest contempt for them.
“Okay! In that case, let’s see what you can do!”
Huzi and the others looked at each other, and then the fighting spirit was high, as if ten heads, the fierce tiger rushed towards the blood wolf instantly.
Kill kill kill!
The ten people are almost all master-level masters, and every punch, every foot, contains boundless and terrifying power.
Suddenly, in front of the entire hotel, the sound of breaking through the sky continued to burst, like a stone hungry wolf, slaughtering a tiger, the scene was shocking.
In the face of this rush, the exuberant smile on the corner of Blood Wolf’s mouth grew thicker and thicker, he threw the snakeskin bag on his shoulder!
Then, under the shaking of both hands, two wolf claws suddenly appeared, and then facing the ten people, they greeted them.
this moment!
A scene that shocked everyone appeared!

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