Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 427

Clang clang!
The sound of the sound of the weapons resonated continuously.
Sparks are flying everywhere.
Ten people including Blood Wolf and Huzi fought together instantly.
However, just after the match, an incredible scene of Huzi and the ten others appeared.
“The first one!”
The whole blood wolf disappeared like a ghost, and when he appeared again, a cold voice resounded in Master Qiu’s ears.
“How could it be so fast?”
Master Qiu was completely stunned. He fell into the air with a shot, and suddenly felt a chill in his back. Before he could think about it, he wanted to withdraw and retreat.
However, as soon as the soles of his feet were lifted, there was a bloody flower splashing out of his chest.
A wolf paw actually pierced his chest, piercing through his chest.
“Master Qiu!!!”
This scene made Huzi and others distraught.
However, before they came forward to rescue, the blood smiled grimly, kicked Master Qiu with one foot, and then slaughtered the other person again.
“Be careful, he…he is the top master!”
Master Qiu, who was seriously injured, almost uttered a stern cry.
Top master!
These four words made Huzi and others almost scared to pee.
Grandmasters can already pick leaves to hurt people, and top masters are more relaxed and comfortable.
It is hard for everyone to imagine how the blood wolf is so young, how can it be promoted to the top master.
And the top master, if placed on the East Asian killer list, it would already be the top five terrifying existence.
“Haha…you only know now, it’s a pity it’s too late!”
Forgive me the words of blood wolf!
His wolf claw broke through a master’s defense again, and the back claw slammed into the opponent’s chest.
The scene that made everyone gossip appeared!
Puff puff!
Under the strength of the top master of the blood wolf, Huzi and everyone else are like chickens and dogs, with almost no enemy in one.
Seriously injured!
Seriously injured!
Still seriously injured!
This scene is desperate, bloody, and frightening.
This is more than that.
When Fu Ming in Rolls-Royce saw this bloody scene, his whole person almost jumped up excitedly:
“Yes! Master, the Mr. Blood Wolf you found is simply amazing! …He turned out to be a top-level master!”
“Hahaha… those Jiangnan masters and retired special forces are simply vulnerable in his hands!”
Fu Ming flushed excitedly.
The worship of blood wolves has reached the extreme.
And heard this.
The young man on the phone made a violent shock, and then panted heavily and responded:
“Hey! That’s natural. I have invited Blood Wolf to know the strength of his top master!”
“He is there ! , Let alone a mere Jiangnan master, even a grandmaster-level figure, there is only one way to die in his hands!” The youth’s confidence in the blood wolf reached its extreme.
And just after he finished speaking!
With the two scarlet blood splashing from the chests of Huzi and Heizi, the battle is completely over!
“Oh my God, 50 seconds!”
Fu Ming glanced at his watch, and then exuberantly said:
“Mr. Blood Wolf, he is simply a god. It took only fifty seconds to solve the tiger and the sunspot. With eight Jiangnan masters!”
This is a terrifying and desperate number.
In front of the hotel, blood was completely drenched in blood red.
On the ground, one figure after another was seriously injured and fell to the ground.
Blood was dripping on their bodies, and the wounds turned flesh and blood out, which was terrible.
Huzi, Heizi, Master Qiu and others were all seriously injured and none were spared.

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