Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 429

And this sentence made the eyes of Huzi, Heizi, Master Qiu and others instantly wet.
They just understand!
The reason why Zhang Yichen didn’t leave was because she wanted to use her own life in exchange for the lives of herself and others.
It filled everyone’s heart, but even if he was unwilling, he still seemed so weak in front of the terrifying blood wolf.
However, what made Zhang Yichen stunned.
Blood Wolf shook his head indifferently. With a pair of cold eyes, he turned to look at Kong Sheng next to him:
“Compared to your life, I care more about… him!”
This sentence made Kong Sheng, Zhang Yichen and the others stunned.
Haven’t waited for them to understand what it meant.
At the corner of Blood Wolf’s mouth, a strong excitement and gloom appeared:
“Let’s talk! Who is the grandmaster behind you?”
Hearing this, Kong Sheng’s face paled, and he could naturally hear that the grandmaster the blood wolf was talking about was Lin Fan.
It’s just that he didn’t expect, this crazy guy, what would Lin Fan do?
“I’m going to kill him!” The blood wolf smiled playfully. He seemed to be able to see through people’s minds. Especially, his tongue stretched out and licked the scarlet blood on the wolf’s paws, making him look like a demon, crazy. And terrible:
“Only the blood of the grandmaster can satisfy my thrill of killing!”
“Tell me, what is the name of the grandmaster who pointed you behind? Where does he live? I will find her, and then… kill him! ”
As soon as this remark came out, Zhang Yichen, Kong Sheng and others’ complexions turned pale.
In their eyes, this blood wolf, who looked like a handsome rural kid, was a complete lunatic.
Lin Fan had no grievances with this person at all, but the other party insisted on killing Lin Fan.
Both Zhang Yichen and Kong Sheng were silent.
And see this scene!
“Okay! Since you don’t want to say it, then I can only hit you to say it!” The gloomy words fell, and the snakeskin head on the blood wolf’s shoulder was suddenly thrown to the ground in the horrified sight of everyone. Then he suddenly appeared.
“Be careful!”
Kong Sheng’s complexion changed drastically, he only felt like a violent beast, coming towards him.
Immediately, he quickly pushed Zhang Yichen away, and Master Xu next to him, rushed towards the blood wolf.
Ding Ding Ding!
Sounds of golden and iron mingled through.
Kong Sheng and Master Xu joined forces and fought with Blood Wolf almost instantly.
However, the two sides had just fought for 30 seconds, and the blood wolf kicked Master Xu and Shengsheng away, and then fully surrounded Kong Sheng.
However, under his siege, a trace of astonishment and unbelievable color emerged from the blood wolf’s eyes:
“Huh? I didn’t expect you to be able to support from my hands, how many moves?” The blood wolf was stunned. Living!
one move!
Three tricks!
Five strokes!
He was assassinated with a single move, but although Kong Sheng was very embarrassed, he resisted every blow.
This is purely the effect of exercises.
In other words!
The reason why Kong Sheng was able to resist his tricks one after another without defeat was entirely the instruction of the mysterious expert.
“Good! Good! Good!” The blood wolf’s face showed a strong expression of excitement and enthusiasm:
“I really didn’t expect that a master’s guidance would be so clever, but the more it is, the more I want it. …Kill him!”

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