Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 434

This is more than that.
After seeing the thorn, Kong Sheng waited for everyone, and his scalp numb.
“Cold Blood prick! Or is that cold blood spear!”
That’s right, this is a dual-purpose weapon that can be a thorn in close combat and a spear in long range combat.
This weapon is China’s most famous cold weapon master. It took ten years to create a terrifying cold weapon.
It is said that this soldier is indestructible and sharp.
But everyone did not expect that this extraordinary cold weapon would fall into the hands of Blood Wolf.
Especially when everyone saw that the blood wolf put on the thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell, and then picked up the cold blood thorn, everyone was frightened.
A top master!
Defense, there are thousands of mysterious tortoise shells!
Offensive, with cold blood stings!
This is almost as terrifying as the master invincible.
“Master Lin, be careful! That is a thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell, which is difficult for Grandmaster to break! He has blood thorns in his hand, which will hurt!”
Kong Sheng yelled at Lin Fan to remind him at this moment. There was something in his voice. Deep fear.
More than him!
The people next to him were trembling with fear.
After all, with these two things, the strength of the blood wolf is enough to rank in the top three of the top killers in East Asia.
锃! ! !
At this moment, under the nervous sight of everyone, the blood wolf stabbed the cold blood in his hand and shook it abruptly.
Suddenly, this sharp weapon suddenly appeared two more knots, becoming a spear!
Cold light flashes!
It smells of bloodthirsty.
“Master Lin? Hahaha… I hope you can take my three moves without dying!” The blood wolf’s eyes were full of ferocity.
At this moment, he is definitely in the strongest state. He is confident that he can destroy any strong enemy of the Grandmaster.
However, what surprised him was that even after hearing Kong Sheng’s reminder, Lin Fan’s complexion remained calm.
It was as if watching a child playing with toys, with deep disdain:
“Are you ready?”
The blood wolf was startled slightly, Lin Fan’s calm look made him feel a sense of humiliation.
“…… You are not afraid?”
Afraid of?
Lin Fan mouth slightly Alice, look at the eyes of the blood wolf, it is like watching a reptile ants:
“!! I’m just afraid afraid ah, less than three measures, I accidentally run over you,”
Wow ……
rampant To the extreme.
As soon as Lin Fan’s words were uttered, Blood Wolf’s expression changed, and Kong Sheng and others couldn’t believe their ears.
Are you afraid that you will be crushed to death by not having three moves?
What’s so special…
Kong Sheng and the others only felt as if they had auditory hallucinations. They couldn’t even imagine what kind of characters could exist in this world to face the strongest blood wolf and speak such arrogant words.
As for the blood wolf, his eyes instantly turned red.
At this moment, he was completely blown with anger:
“Okay! Good boy, bragging, you are definitely the first person I have ever seen!”
“In that case, I will let you brag and become a fool! ”
The blood wolf stomped fiercely against the ground, and then the whole body was dressed in a thousand-year-old mysterious tortoise shell, holding a cold blood spear, like a violent beast, slaying violently towards Lin Fan!
Hurry up!
Under the rage, the blood wolf almost reached its limit.
Almost instantly, he rushed to Lin Fan’s front, and the cold blood spear in his back whispered slightly and slammed away against Lin Fan’s neck.
There was a humming and breaking wind in the entire air.
Like lightning, it burst into Lin Fan’s neck.

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