Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 452

Bai Yi was dumbfounded.
What happened just now happened so fast that she could not even react to it for a while.
She couldn’t think that her husband, this trash that had been laughed at by all Jiangshi people for three years, was so cruel and brutal.
Seeing Bai Yi’s shocked look, Lin Fan shrugged faintly:
“He wants to wipe my wife’s oil, then I can only break his hand!”
Lin Fan was too lazy to look at Qin Shou on the ground, but took Bai Yi and walked slowly into the Mercedes-Benz:
“Let’s go, my wife! This kind of stuff dirty your eyes!” The words fell. , The two got into the car.
Until Mercedes-Benz launches!
As he drove out slowly, Bai Yi finally came to his senses, with a pretty face, brushed, and pale:
“Lin Fan, how can you be so violent! Didn’t you hear that person? He is Yunhaiqin The son of the family group!”
“You abolished his five fingers, that would be tantamount to offending the Qin family group, and we are outsiders, it is easy for people to deal with us! You…”
Bai Yi flushed with anger. one slice.
She knew that Lin Fan was out for herself, but she didn’t want Lin Fan to provoke a powerful enemy for this.
Especially right now, on someone else’s turf.
If the Qin Group wanted revenge, then Lin Fan would definitely be in danger.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan didn’t care, he shrugged faintly, and said with a smile:
“My wife, don’t worry, in this world, the person who can hurt me is not born yet!”
“You…” Bai Yi suddenly Lin Fan was so angry that he couldn’t speak.
In Bai Yi’s eyes, Lin Fan was bragging.
At the moment, Bai Yi hummed and sat in the co-pilot, not even willing to talk to Lin Fan.
Regarding this scene, Lin Fan didn’t care. He immediately followed the navigation and drove slowly towards the aunt Shen Yuzhi’s house.
My aunt Shen Yuzhi was married to a professor in Yunhai City.
Family conditions are excellent.
In particular, I heard that the daughter of the two returned from studying in the United States and now works in a large company, which has made the family more prosperous.
The Benz sedan drove into a high-end community.
It stopped until a building.
According to the house number, Lin Fan and Bai Yi quickly found aunt Shen Yuzhi’s house.
When the doorbell rang.
Soon, a middle-aged woman opened the door:
“Excuse me, who are you looking for?” There are a few silver hairs on the middle-aged woman’s hair, and the whole person looks kind and kind.
It’s just that she just finished speaking. After she saw Bai Yi, she was slightly taken aback:
“Are you… Xiao Yi?”
“Auntie, it’s me!” Bai Yi immediately jumped up happily, hugging the middle-aged woman. Said excitedly.
And hear this!
My aunt Shen Yuzhi was immediately happy, she touched Bai Yi’s pretty face with excitement, full of affection:
“Xiao Yi, it turned out to be you! Let me see, my God, you are really getting more and more beautiful. Now!”
“It’s almost like a fairy.”
Aunt Shen Yuzhi was extremely enthusiastic to Bai Yi.
When Bai Yiqiao heard this, a touch of shame appeared on Bai Yiqiao’s face. When she pulled down Lin Fan, she introduced:
“Auntie, this is my husband Lin Fan!”
Seeing Lin Fan, the auntie Shen Yuzhi’s face still showed enthusiasm, and quickly invited the two into the house.
Just as Lin Fan and Bai Yi walked into Shen Yuzhi’s home, a woman’s cold voice suddenly came over:
“Yeah! Isn’t this the cousin who was swept out by the Bai family?”
“Why? I just thought of your aunt when I went out! Tsk, this is your trash husband next to you? As expected, it is as shabby as the rumors!”

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