Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 459

At this moment, in the eyes of Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming, Lin Fan in front of them was definitely a joke.
What is the value of a painting made by an ordinary person?
And this guy actually wanted to give his painting to Shen Yuzhi as a birthday gift, or even to repay Shen Yuzhi for his kindness to Bai Yi?
What is this not an idiot!
Not only Zhu Ru and his wife, but even Shen Yuzhi and Zhu Zhide could not help but look at each other, their faces full of helplessness and speechlessness.
Obviously, the two of them also didn’t believe that Lin Fan could draw anything valuable.
And Bai Yi!
She even felt her cheeks hot, ashamed and embarrassed, making her want to turn around and flee.
“Lin Fan, you…”
Bai Yi didn’t understand what was wrong with her husband. In the past three years, she had never seen her husband paint, and she had never heard of it. He still knew how to paint.
Is this a joke?
But at this moment, even if Bai Yi is dissatisfied with Lin Fan, there is still no way to stop it.
And aside!
Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming didn’t think it was too much to watch the excitement. They walked to the table with disdainful faces and began to mock Lin Fan’s “masterpiece”!
“Yeah! Lin Fan, are you a painted mountain? It doesn’t look like it?”
“Yes, if it is a mountain, there should be grass and trees, water and birds, and you are bare. This is What is it?”
In the eyes of the couple.
Lin Fan was holding a paintbrush, and on that piece of drawing paper, dragons and phoenixes were flying, waving constantly.
However, the things drawn are not like mountains or water.
Not only them!
The Shen Yuzhi and his wife, and Bai Yi, also saw what Lin Fan painted.
The three of them were also speechless to the extreme.
Lin Fan didn’t care about Zhu Ru’s ridicule, as if he was completely immersed in his own world.
The paintbrush was flying continuously against the drawing paper.
One minute!
five minutes!
ten minutes!

When ten minutes have just passed, everyone around is already waiting impatiently.
But seeing Lin Fan’s last stroke, it finally fell.
A bell and whistle, can not see anything, like a mess of paintings, appeared in front of everyone.
This is more than that.
Lin Fan picked up the paintbrush, and under the drawing paper, Long Feifengwu wrote a line in English-BLOOD!
When Zhu Zhide saw this inscription, he was taken aback.
He is naturally familiar with this name.
This is the name of the world’s most famous painter BLOOD, which is regarded as a god-like existence by the painting world.
And now…
Lin Fan actually signed the legendary name, how could this be possible.
“Lin Fan, are you crazy? Do you know who BLOOD is? That is the god of the global painting world! How can you steal his name!” The young uncle Zhu Zhide’s face was full of strong anger.
As a lover of calligraphy and painting, BLOOD is not only a god in the eyes of many painters, but also a super idol of Zhu Zhide.
And now!
Not only did Lin Fan drew a messy painting, he even misappropriated the signature of his idol, which is simply unforgivable.
Not only him!
Shen Yuzhi, Bai Yi, Zhu Ru and his wife obviously also know the legendary BLOOD!
After seeing Lin Fan’s signature, everyone was completely blown up.
“Lin, do you have a problem with your head and use Mr. BLOOD’s signature? Are you trying to say that you are BLOOD himself?”
“Hahaha… come on! Which painting of Mr. BLOOD is not a painting world? God’s work! Look at what he painted!”

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