Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 460

The anger and sarcasm of the crowd were endless.
Even Bai Yi, looking at Lin Fan, was filled with disappointment and strangeness.
She never thought that her husband could be so unbearable.
For the sake of a small face, I not only drew a messy picture casually, but even pretended to be Mr. BLOOD’s signature, which is simply chilling to the extreme.
Facing everyone’s questioning and ridicule, Lin Fan didn’t care at all.
He glanced at Shen Yuzhi calmly, and then solemnly said:
” Auntie, anyway, after waiting ten minutes, you will watch this painting again! Everything, you will understand!”
Wait ten minutes?
Is this guy wanting to say that after waiting ten minutes, this messy painting will become a godless painting by itself?
What kind of idiot logic is this.
Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming completely regarded Lin Fan as a joke at this moment.
However, before the two of them ridiculed, Lin Fan walked straight to Bai Yi and said:
“Wife, let’s go!”
Bai Yi did not refuse.
After all, there are too many embarrassing things today, and she has no face to stay here.
The two of them said goodbye to their aunt Shen Yuzhi and left the Zhu family straight away!
And when the two left.
Inside the Zhu family, Zhu Ru and Zhang Kaiming’s hilarious voices resounded instantly.
“Hahaha… Dad, Mom! Cousin Bai Yi is looking for something, it’s all a stunner!”
“Yes! It’s a pity that Cousin Bai Yi has a good skin, and she followed it. Such a bragging idiot! It’s unreasonable!”
At this moment, Zhu Ru and his wife felt extremely happy.
Even Shen Yuzhi and Zhu Zhide, looking in the direction of the door, couldn’t help shaking their heads.
Obviously, the two are also full of dissatisfaction and disdain for Bai Yi’s husband.
at this time.
Zhu Ru immediately stepped forward and grouped the painting left by Lin Fan, as if facing a piece of trash, into a paper ball, and then threw it into the trash can:
“Huh! Our Zhu family though Not a wealthy family, but also a wealthy family. Wouldn’t we be a joke if we want this kind of rubbish paintings left behind by waste!”
Zhu Ru didn’t even look at Lin Fan’s paintings at all.
And Zhang Kaiming also walked to the edge of the window and looked down.
Through the window, he saw the underside of the residential building. Lin Fan and Bai Yi had already walked downstairs.
Go straight into a Mercedes.
“Huh? I can’t tell, this Lin Fan is not all rubbish, even though the painting he drew is rubbish!”
“But this guy, he still drives a lot! He also drives a Mercedes… Huh?”
Zhang Kaiming was originally laughing at Lin Fan.
However, when he saw that this was a Mercedes-Benz, especially the license plate number, which turned out to be Jiangshi, he seemed to think of something, and his whole body trembled.
Zhang Kaiming’s expression changed in an instant.
And this scene left the Shen Yuzhi family next to him in a daze.
“Husband, what’s wrong with you? What’s wrong?” Zhu Ru was puzzled.
And Shen Yuzhi next to him was also at a loss:
“Enlightened! Bai Yi was also the president of the Bai Group before anyway. Is there any problem with their husband driving a Mercedes-Benz?”
Thinking of that terrible possibility, Zhang Kaiming only felt a numb scalp, and the cold sweat on his forehead rushed down.
“Dad! Mom! Wife!
Broken !” “The murderer who broke Young Master Qin’s five fingers before drove a Mercedes-Benz! And the license plate belongs to Jiangshi!!!”

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