Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 466

Master Lin!
These simple words fell in the ears of Shen Yuzhi and the family like thunder, making them stare one by one, their eyes almost falling out.
Master Lin!
They have heard of it even if they are ordinary people.
Some time ago, King Kong took a few disciples to Jiang City to challenge.
A Master Lin turned out to be.
The other party just gave instructions and let King Kong and others lose everything.
In the past few days, the assassination of Zhang Yichen has caused a sensation throughout China.
Among them, the most shocking thing is that Master Lin, who turned out to be a hidden master-Grand Master!
Could it be…
King Kong and others are here to find Grandmaster Lin who rescued Zhang Yichen?
Thought of this!
The cold sweat on Zhu Zhide’s forehead, like a tide, rushed down:
“Mr. King Kong, you…you are looking for the wrong place! We are ordinary people, where is Great Master Lin?”
Zhu Zhide almost cried.
Facing underground giants such as King Kong, he only felt as weak as a small ant.
Just heard this.
The faces of King Kong and the others did not have the slightest anger, but the smiles became more enthusiastic and respectful:
“Mr. Zhu, Master Lin is Mr. Lin Fan! As far as we know, your wife is Mr. Lin Fan and Miss Bai Yi Auntie!”
When King Kong’s words fell.
The entire Zhu family was completely quiet.
Shen Yuzhi’s family, and even Ma Lao and others who came in before, were completely confused.
Lin Fan?
Lin Fan again?
Everyone is unbelievable. The legendary Mr. BLOOD in the painting world is Lin Fan, the great master of China, Lin Fan?
how can that be.
“I…I understand!”
When everyone looked dazed, Zhang Kaiming suddenly let out a scream of horror.
Everyone looked at Zhang Kaiming.
Zhu Ru asked more curiously and incredulously:
“Old…husband, what do you understand?”
“I finally know why Lin Fan clearly broke off Qin Gongzi’s five fingers, but still came forward swaggeringly. ! our house, “Zhang Kaiming seems completely come to understand, while wiping his forehead with sweat, while frightened, said:
“!! it is because he is a teacher Linda Zong so, he does not care about revenge Qin Group’s ”
Wow … …The words fall.
Shen Yuzhi, Zhu Zhide, and Zhu Ru next to him also reacted.
That’s right!
If Lin Fan was really Grand Master Lin, then his strength value would have reached the level of shocking the world, such a terrifying expert, how would he care about the small Qin Clan?
After figuring this out.
The Shen Yuzhi family felt Lin Fan’s horror and horror more and more.
In the eyes of these people, Lin Fan is like a god and man.
This still doesn’t stop!
After Zhang Kaiming’s words fell, outside the door, an old voice came out again:
“Humph! Who is so bold, dare to avenge the genius Doctor Lin!”
Everyone was taken aback for a moment, and then looked towards the door one after another.
They suddenly saw King Kong waiting for the underground giants, and after seeing the people coming, they all bowed and saluted.
More than a dozen underground giants in the sea of ​​clouds bowed and saluted. The identity of this person made Shen Yuzhi’s family scared to pee.
And just under their horrified sight.
A group of figures came slowly and walked to the door.

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