Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 469

At this moment, a shocking scene appeared on the road.
I saw that the two ends of the road were all sealed by large trucks.
There was only a Mercedes-Benz, trapped in the middle of the road, unable to move forward, let alone backward, completely blocking the road forward and backward.
It’s more than that!
I saw the door of this truck opened open, and then rushed into the carriage, walking down one after another majestic figure.
These people, every one of them is very evil, holding a baseball bat, which is extremely terrifying.
ten people!
In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred people walked out of the carriage, almost completely submerging the Mercedes-Benz.
At the same time!
In the front of those trucks, there is a Porsche parked.
Two figures, sitting at the door.
One of the young men, with bandages all over his fingers, saw that hundreds of brawny men surrounded the Mercedes-Benz car, his face showed a thick happy smile:
“Hahaha… this kid is going to be finished at last He didn’t dare to interrupt my Qin Shou’s finger, he should die!”
This young man is the son of Qin Group Qin Shou.
Next to him, there is a strong man with a Chinese character face sitting.
This person is extremely fierce, full of muscles and muscles, like a horned dragon, lying horizontally across the body, giving people a feeling of explosion.
This brawny man, like a hungry wolf, seemed to choose someone to eat at any time.
At this moment, he glanced at Qin Shou indifferently. The brawny man said,
“How are you going to fuck him?”
“Brother Xiong, I want to interrupt all ten fingers and ten toes of this kid!” Qin Shou’s face A strong brutality appeared on it.
As he said, he seemed to have thought of something, and a slight grin appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“There is also that woman, this son must taste her!”
Hearing this,’Brother Xiong’ frowned and said unkindly:
“Qin Shou, have you forgotten the rules of my master King Kong?”
“For men, you can fight or kill! But you will never touch women. ! Otherwise, my teacher’s father will take the initiative to clean up the door!”
This sentence was full of icy air, and Qin Shou Ji Lingling shivered immediately.
“Xiong…Brother Xiong, I’m just kidding, don’t be angry!” Qin Shou knew the rules of King Kong.
And right now, this male brother is the fourth disciple of King Kong, the number one master of Yunhai City, fighting the poisonous eagle-Li Xiong!
Speaking of King Kong, Qin Shou immediately recalled something and asked curiously:
“By the way, Brother Xiong, what happened today? I heard that Mr. King Kong and all the underground bosses in Yunhai City were all dispatched. Did something happen?”
Qin Shou was looking for help, and when he was taking revenge, he found out that King Kong and all the underground giants had changed.
It’s just that he didn’t understand what was going on, so he could alarm all the underground giants in Yunhai City.
Heard this!
A trace of admiration appeared on Li Xiong’s face on the poisonous eagle:
“That’s because my master and all the underground giants went to visit an expert!”
This sentence shocked Qin Shou.
He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of existence he could be called by people like King Kong and Li Xiong, and he even went to visit him in person.
But this is more than that.
On Li Xiong’s face, the frenzy of worship grew stronger, as if thinking of his own super idol:
“Today, my master heard that the master came to the sea of ​​clouds, and was so happy! It is a pity that Li Xiong even saw the master’s No qualifications!”

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