Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 470

Are you qualified to meet?
Qin Shou was even more frightened by this sentence.
He knew that Li Xiong, the poisonous eagle, was also a big man in the underground world of Yunhai City.
And this kind of person is not even qualified to meet that expert, and this makes the image of that expert impossible in Qin Shou’s heart.
“Brother Xiong, who is that expert? How much respect is given to Mr. King Kong?” At this moment, Qin Shou became more and more curious about the expert Li Xiong said.
And this word fell!
A hint of playfulness appeared on Li Xiong’s face:
“Have you heard that some time ago our masters and apprentices went to Jiangshi to challenge, why did we fail?”
Qin Shou was taken aback for a moment, then nodded and said,
“Brother Xiong, I know about this naturally! You failed because of a grandmaster in Jiangshi!”
“Yes!” Li Xiong nodded, excited. He said:
“You can’t imagine that the expert is so powerful! That time, he didn’t even make a move. He just found a little guy, gave instructions, and let us master and apprentice, and we lost!”
“Moreover, the East Asian killer The tenth blood wolf was also abolished by his three tricks !” “The expert is Grand Master Lin!”
Wow…the words made Qin Shou’s body tremble.
Master Qin, he has naturally heard of this person.
He even watched the video of that man abolishing the blood wolf.
Qin Shou had never seen him before, and a person could be so tough, and only then did he understand why King Kong and other giants all dispatched to visit that person.
When Qin Shou thought of Grandmaster Lin in the video, he was taken aback.
For some reason, the figure of Grandmaster Lin in his mind gradually overlapped with the figure of Lin Fan who gritted his teeth with hatred.
Qin Shou was taken aback by his own thoughts.
Then he shook his head quickly, and threw the absurd idea in his mind:
“How could that bastard be Grandmaster Lin? I must think too much!”
Qin Shou comforted himself.
At this moment , Li Xiong opened the door of the car and said directly: “Let’s go! Let’s help you solve this little matter first!”
Hearing this!
Qin Shou didn’t think much anymore, and hurriedly followed Li Xiong, walked off the Porsche, and then walked slowly towards the Mercedes-Benz surrounded by trucks and majestic figures.
At the same time!
On the Mercedes-Benz, Bai Yi’s pretty face was as white as paper.
She never thought that she and her would be surrounded here.
Especially looking at the brawny men holding sticks, like a wolf like a tiger, Bai Yi only felt a tingling scalp:
“Lin Fan, I…what shall we do now?”
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan eagerly.
Just now!
But Lin Fan still looked calm and calm, and said with a slight smile:
“My wife, don’t worry, even if I’m here, I won’t be able to hurt you!”
Bai Yi was taken aback for a moment. She never thought that her husband could be so calm when faced with this kind of scene.
However, it was also Lin Fan’s calmness that Bai Yi’s worried heart was soothed.
It’s just that she just took a breath.
I saw it immediately!
The crowd surrounded by Mercedes-Benz straightly separated a road, and then two figures walked over.
“That is Qin Shou of the Qin Group! Lin Fan, you don’t care about me for a while, you run first!”
“They don’t dare to do anything with me, but if you fall into Qin Shou’s hands, you will be completely It’s over!”
Bai Yi’s face was as pale as paper.
This is more than that.
When Bai Yi saw Li Xiong next to Qin Shou, he was shocked:
“That person, isn’t that a disciple of King Kong, the number one master in Yunhai City?”
Before, Bai Yi had seen King Kong and the others before going forward. Video of Jiang City’s challenge.
Also remember clearly.
It was this poisonous eagle Li Xiong that almost swept the underground forces in Jiang City, eleven battles, eleven victories, and defeated the underground members of Jiang City.
In the face of this kind of bullfighter, even if Lin Fan has some skill, he is definitely invincible!
But she didn’t notice it.
After seeing Li Xiong, the corner of Lin Fan’s mouth rose slightly, revealing a hint of joking.

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