Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 472

Qin Shouxiao was extremely rampant.
With Li Xiong taking the shot, he is naturally most relieved.
In his eyes, when Lin Fan faced Li Xiong, it was the ant meeting the elephant, and Li Xiong could abolish him in minutes.
Li Xiong smiled grimly, and the speed he moved forward became faster.
That fell step by step.
Let Bai Yi’s heart puff and puff, jumping wildly, almost popping out of his throat.
Especially, after she saw that Li Xiong was getting closer and closer to Lin Fan.
Bai Yi panicked completely.
She wanted to stop Li Xiong right now.
It’s just that the soles of her feet have just stepped out.
Suddenly, he saw that the baseball bat in Li Xiong’s hand swung out fiercely.
This baseball bat was so hot that it almost exploded the surrounding air, making a buzzing sound.
A bang followed.
At this moment, Bai Yi was stunned, and Qin Shou was stunned, everyone around him couldn’t believe his eyes.
Because they were stunned to see that the baseball bat in Li Xiong’s hand didn’t hit Lin Fan, but instead a bat broke Qin Shou’s leg.
Qin Shou was caught off guard and fell to the ground.
When he saw his broken right leg, he suddenly screamed:
“Ahhhhh! My leg! Brother Xiong, you…how did you break my leg!” It hurts!
Qin Shou could only feel that from the position of his broken leg, a sharp pain like tide swept through, and his whole body trembled again and again.
What makes him more difficult to accept is.
It was not Lin Fan’s broken leg that Li Xiong interrupted, but his own leg?
How is this possible.
At this moment, not only Qin Shou felt incredible.
Even Bai Yi and the hundreds of brawny men around them were all stunned that they couldn’t imagine that things would happen such a reverse.
It’s just that Li Xiong doesn’t care about the astonished gazes around him at all. His eyes are fixed on Qin Shou on the ground, and a ferocious smile appeared at the corner of his mouth:
“Qin Shou, didn’t you just say that? I want to interrupt. Legs and feet, become useless!”
“I naturally want to fulfill you!”
Qin Shou was stunned.
And before he could react, he suddenly saw the baseball bat in Li Xiong’s hand, and once again hit his other leg severely!
There was another clear and fragmented sound, Qin Shou saw in horror that his other leg was also interrupted.
“Ahhhhh! My leg… hurts! It hurts!!!”
Qin Shou let out a scream like a pig.
At this moment, he just felt that the whole world was crazy.
what’s happening?
Li Xiong is obviously the master he has found, and revenge for him!
But now, the person he had paid to find had interrupted his legs, which made him frightened and couldn’t believe it.
“Li Xiong, you guys dare to beat me, okay! Wait, your master King Kong will not spare you, and my Qin Group will not spare you!”
Qin Shou screamed again and again, looking at Li Xiong with fear and resentment.
However, Li Xiong didn’t listen at all.
He was like a machine performing tasks. With a wave of his palm, the baseball bat cracked against Qin Shou and slammed it down!
One stick!
Another stick!
Qin Shou was dripping with blood under the sticks that kept falling.
It’s horrible.
Just a few minutes.
Qin Shou was beaten almost as a blood man.
Until then!
Li Xiong just stopped, and then he wiped the blood stains splashed on his face, and spit on Qin Shou fiercely:
“A trash, blame you for offending the wrong person!”
Li Xiong’s words caused Qin Shou, who was beaten, to tremble.

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