Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 478

“Cai, you are here!” Seeing this middle-aged man, the lady at the front desk at the bar said with enthusiasm.
“Hmm! Give me a table! Now!” The middle-aged man was full of arrogance, and he directly ordered the lady at the front desk.
And heard this.
The lady at the front desk quickly said:
“Mr. Cai, we have the last table left, number 88! You can go in now!”
After hearing this sentence from the lady at the front desk, the complexion of Shen Yuzhi’s family changed instantly.
They had booked 88 tables before.
And waiting in line for entry.
But now, they couldn’t believe that the front desk lady not only allowed the middle-aged person to jump in the queue, but even gave the fat man the last table that belonged to them.
For a time.
The complexion of Shen Yuzhi’s family instantly turned ugly.
“Miss, we came first! No. 88 is also our reservation, how can you give it to others!” Zhu Zhide said to the lady at the front desk with a serious face.
In his eyes, Lin Fan’s identity was too terrifying.
Especially before my family, I offended Lin Fan, this time I should treat everything I said to resolve the conflict between them.
What he did not expect was that he was robbed of the table before he had eaten.
Hear Zhu Zhide’s questioning voice.
The front desk lady and the fat man were all taken aback, and then their gazes looked up and down at Zhu Zhide and others. After seeing these people wearing ordinary, obviously ordinary people, their faces suddenly appeared. A thick color of disdain.
“This gentleman, this is the Shengshi Hotel, we have the final say for whom we want to give the table!” The lady at the front desk didn’t care about Zhu Zhide at all.
In her eyes, the fat man is the one she needs to flatter.
Not only her!
The fat guy next to Zhu Zhide also squinted at Zhu Zhide, and said with a sneer:
” Yeah ! Why? Give me the table, are you dissatisfied?”
Zhu Zhide and others could not have imagined that this fat man and the lady at the front desk were so arrogant in such an upscale place as the Shengshi Hotel.
For an instant, Zhu Ru’s face was sullen with anger, and he said angrily:
“Of course not! This table is clearly reserved for us! Why let it be for you!”
“Yes! You guys are still unreasonable! You dare to grab our table, be careful I complain to you!” Zhang Kaiming also shouted.
After hearing Zhang Kaiming’s words, a deep anger suddenly appeared on the fat man’s face.
But, just when he was about to yell.
His eyes suddenly caught Bai Yi in the crowd.
“Okay… so beautiful!”
A faint sparkle suddenly flashed in Fatty’s eyes, and a hint of playfulness appeared in the corner of his mouth:
“Do you really want this table position?”
Zhu Zhide and the others were taken aback, they did not expect that the fat man’s anger would have dissipated.
“Yes! This table is ours!” Zhu Zhide responded angrily.
And this sentence made the smile on the corner of the fat man’s mouth more evil.
“Okay! I can let it to you!”
Zhu Zhide and others were taken aback for a moment, and then a trace of joy suddenly appeared on their faces.
It’s just that the joy on their faces just appeared, and the fat man’s words made everyone’s complexion greatly changed.
“But there is one condition, this chick, must accompany me to dinner!”
The fat man’s finger pointed at Bai Yi.

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