Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 487

at the same time!
In a box of Hongyun Restaurant, three figures are sitting on the sofa, discussing something in full swing.
Two of them, if Bai Yi were here, they would be extremely familiar with each other. It was her uncle Bai Hai and her cousin Bai Yifan.
Sitting across from the two, he was a fierce middle-aged man.
There was a long scar on his forehead, his ears seemed to be pierced by a bullet, and only half was left.
Especially that kind of gloomy aura makes him look like a fierce tiger wolf, which makes people shudder.
He is Cai Guofu, the owner of Jiangshi Lanhai Building.
A famous Yunhai city boss!
“Hahaha…Brother Cai, I have to ask you this time !” Uncle Bai Hai smiled, obviously very satisfied with the results of this conversation.
As he said, he snapped his fingers, and suddenly Bai Yifan took out two checks from his pocket and handed them over.
“One of the 50 million cheques! This time Brother Cai refused Bai Yi and helped us teach Lin Fan the reward!”
“The other 100 million cheque is the funds for our Bai Group and your blue ocean cooperation! Brother Cai smiled!”
A total of 150 million.
This is definitely a huge sum of money for the Bai Group.
But right now, in order to fight against Bai Yi’s new Bai family, their Bai family can be said to have spent their money.
Not only did he put out a huge sum of 50 million yuan, Cai Guofu refused to buy the Blue Ocean Building by Bai Yi, and even spent a huge amount of 100 million yuan to reach a cooperative alliance with Cai Guofu.
After receiving the two checks, Cai Guofu looked at the continuous zeroes on it. On that fierce and majestic face, a thick smile suddenly appeared:
“Hahaha…Brother Bai, you are too polite! ”
“That being the case, then Cai will accept it! You worry, I can not sell the Blue Ocean White House Iraq, and that Lin Fan, Cai Guofu I have a thousand kinds of ways, you can break his legs!”
Sentence , Making the smiles on Bai Hai and Bai Yifan’s faces brighter.
As long as Bai Yi’s new Bai family is hit.
Lin Fan’s leg was broken.
Even paying a huge price of 150 million yuan is worth it in their eyes.
And just as the two sides continued to communicate about the cooperation, a bodyguard ran in in a panic.
“Boss, something went wrong!” The bodyguard’s face was pale, and he said solemnly to Cai Guofu.
This scene caused Cai Guofu’s eyelids to twitch, and he asked in a deep voice:
“What’s the matter? Say!”
“Boss, your brother Cai Guoquan, just broke his hands and legs at the Shengshi Hotel!” The bodyguard’s voice , Are trembling.
As soon as these words came out, whether it was Cai Guofu or Bai Hai and his son, their expressions changed drastically.
“Damn! Who is so bold that he dares to interrupt my brother’s limbs?”
Cai Guofu’s complexion was brushed to the extreme.
The Baihai father and son beside him were also unbelievable.
After all, the two brothers Cai Guofu are in the sea of ​​clouds, and they can eat black and white. They can also be called a big brother. Who is so bold and dare to interrupt Cai Guoquan’s limbs? This is almost dead.
Heard this.
The bodyguard replied with an ugly face:
“It’s… the chairman of Shengshi Hotel, He Sheng led someone to do it!”
“It seems that because of the second master, he molested a woman and offended that woman’s husband!”
In a word, the complexion of everyone here has changed greatly.

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