Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 507

After Bai Yi finished speaking, he pulled Lin Fan and walked downstairs.
But she didn’t realize that after hearing this, Fei waited for all the giants in Yunhai City and twitched the corners of his mouth.
The Blue Ocean Building did not buy it.
This is really nothing, and got it for nothing.
And it’s not just a blue ocean. Your husband has assigned all the assets of the two brothers to his own name, and even sent the brothers to hell.
At this moment, although many of the giants in Yunhai City were quite speechless, they were still obediently preparing to see them off.
In Lin Fan and Bai Yi, they just walked down the restaurant and instantly saw that Rolls Royce after another had been parked outside the hotel.
There are as many as twenty cars, densely parked in the parking lot in front of the hotel, making it look like a Rolls-Royce fair, which is shocking.
“This is…”
Bai Yi was stunned, but she remembered that when she came to the restaurant just now, there was a Rolls Royce in the parking lot, and now…
“Miss Bai Yi, this time you are shocked. Now! So tonight, we decided to personally escort you out of Yunhai City!”
Fei Lao said respectfully to Bai Yi.
Bai Yi was shocked when he said this.
She knew that the dozens of people in front of her included almost all the upper-class figures in Yunhai City.
Randomly pick one out, they are all resounding giants, and now, all of them are going to escort themselves and Lin Fan out of the sea of ​​clouds?
This makes Bai Yi actually have a dreaming feeling.
However, before Bai Yi said anything, he was pulled by Lin Fan and boarded the Mercedes-Benz car driven by the two of them.
See this scene.
Fei Lao and others all got on the bus.
At this moment, a shocking scene appeared.
I saw ten Rolls-Royce cars in the front of the parking lot of the Hongyun Restaurant, and a Mercedes-Benz in the middle, slowly moving.
Behind the Mercedes-Benz, ten Rolls-Royce escorts were also followed.
The scene was extremely shocking.
No one has ever seen a Mercedes-Benz like this. A Mercedes-Benz needs twenty Rolls-Royce escorts. This is so high that every passerby who sees this scene will be stunned. Tingling.
This is more than that.
One by one, from the mobile phones of those giants. , Suddenly, traffic control appeared.
The main road from Yunhai to Jiangshi was blocked one by one, and private cars were prohibited from passing.
The entire Yunhai City seemed to be using an incredibly high standard to escort Lin Fan and Bai Yi away.
at the same time!
On the main road to Jiangshi, there is also a BMW X5 driving slowly.
Inside the car, it was the uncle Bai Hai and Bai Yifan.
After dealing with Yunhai City, the father and son are going to return to Jiang City tonight.
However, when they had just turned an intersection, they suddenly found that police cars were clearing the road, dispersing traffic on the road.
“Huh? Roads are restricted?” Bai Yifan frowned while driving.
At this moment, he saw that a car was driven away by traffic restrictions, making the entire main road empty.
This is more than that.
A famous traffic policeman began to pull up the isolation belt on the edge of the road. This scene seemed to be a big figure going out.
“Oh my God, a road was blocked! I don’t know who is going to leave Yunhai City?” Uncle Bai Hai was also shocked.

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