Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 512

This telephone ringing was extremely abrupt, and immediately attracted the attention of the Bai family. When they saw that it turned out to be Baishan’s phone rang.
Er Ye Shirakawa could not help laugh at his face, said:
“Ha ha ha …… youngest, whip it might be your son who refuse call it and then tell you to be late at night to Ha ha ha ……!?!”
Two The rest of the White family also laughed at the words of Lord Shirakawa.
Obviously, the fleets of many big bosses in Yunhai City are coming, which means that Lin Fan and all the ordinary vehicles coming from Yunhai to Jiang City will almost arrive in the middle of the night.
Hear the ridicule of the surrounding people Bai Shan’s complexion became even more ugly, and he could only bite the bullet and turned on the hands-free.
When the call was connected, Lin Fan’s voice came from the phone:
“Dad! I think there are a lot of people coming today, are you there yet?”
Lin Fan asked on the phone.
When Bai Shan heard this, he wanted to answer immediately, but his words had not yet been spoken. The second master Shirakawa next to him, apparently also heard the voice on the phone, could not help but laughed mockingly:
“Lin Fan, your dad is here! Are you here too? No? Hahaha…”
Hearing Shirakawa’s words, the surrounding Bai family couldn’t help but laugh.
“Yes! Lin Fan, you didn’t come here in a Rolls Royce? Haha, this road was blocked, and you still let your dad wait for you here!”
“What an idiot! Don’t tell us, Fei Lao, the group of cloud giants, the person who escorts, is you! Haha…”
Many Bai family members burst into laughter.
The words were full of ridicule and contempt.
It’s just that their laughter just resounded, and Lin Fan’s voice from the phone made their smiles freeze.
“That’s right! I just followed Fei’s Rolls Royce!”
As soon as these words came out, the sneers on the faces of all the Bai family members instantly stiffened.
Following Fei’s Rolls Royce?
This guy is saying!
Mr. Fei is waiting for the giants of the sea of ​​clouds, who is the escort… him?
When the reaction came over, bursts of laughter suddenly came from the Bai family.
The expressions on each of them seemed to have heard the most funny school flowers.
The laughter resounded constantly.
“Hahaha… Baishan, did you hear what your trash son-in-law said? He dare to say that the big guys in Yunhai City are escorting him. Haha…”
“Laughing! This trash son-in-law, or change Ca n’t get rid of the bragging fault!” “Yeah! Who does he think he is? What qualifications does he have to send someone like Fei Lao off?”
Many sarcasm voices came and went one after another.
At this moment, Lin Fan completely became a joke in the mouths of the Bai family.
And just when their words fell!
The sound of brakes suddenly came in front of the crowd.
Everyone saw the Rolls Royce parked in front of the crowd.
Ten cars ahead!
Ten cars behind!
And in the middle, it was escorting a…Mercedes.
When I saw that Mercedes-Benz.
The mocking smiles on the faces of Old Madam Bai, Bai Chuan, Bai Yan and others completely froze. Everyone seemed to have seen a ghost and couldn’t believe their eyes.
“Grandpa…that Mercedes-Benz really seems to belong to Bai Yi?”
“Dad…the one who drives the Mercedes-Benz, seems to be Lin Fan?”
Baichuan and Bai Yan rubbed their eyes vigorously at this moment, and they were sure they didn’t look. After the mistake.
The father and daughter were completely confused.

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