Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 525

Now you are arrested!
After hearing Niu Yunkui’s words.
the people in the entire hall were in an uproar, and a thick look of horror appeared on everyone’s faces.
How can it be.
Obviously it was Wu Xuepeng who called the police to deal with Lin Fan, but now these policemen arrived, not only interrupted one of Wu Xuepeng’s arms, they even listed several crimes and arrested the informant?
This…this is beyond everyone’s imagination.
“Niu… Director Niu! You must have made a mistake. I called the police because I was injured. You…you…”
Wu Xuepeng was stunned.
Because the charges Niu Yunkui said were indeed committed by him, rape and embezzlement of public funds, each of which was enough for him to sentence more than ten years.
But he couldn’t figure it out. These policemen didn’t come to arrest him long ago, and didn’t come to arrest him late. When they sued Lin Fan, they came to arrest the reporter.
This is simply incredible.
Could it be…
Wu Xuepeng suddenly thought of a certain possibility, and instantly turned his eyes, staring at Lin Fan.
“Because of him?”
A fearful thought came to his mind.
Perhaps it was precisely because the person he called the police to arrest was Lin Fan, so these policemen searched for his charges and came to arrest him.
After thinking of this idea, Wu Xuepeng only felt his scalp numb, and he couldn’t imagine what status Lin Fan was to receive such protection from the police.
“Grab it!”
At this moment, Niu Yunkui smiled coldly and waved his palm.
Suddenly, several policemen next to him suddenly rushed forward and pushed Wu Xuepeng to the ground.
“No! Lin…Mr. Lin, I was wrong! Please let me go! I really know that I was wrong, please have a lot of yours, forgive me!”
Wu Xuepeng was pressed to the ground, suddenly sending out a killing pig. Howl.
Only after his words were uttered, the surrounding uncle Bai Hai and others could hardly believe their ears.
What…what’s going on?
Why didn’t Wu Xuepeng refute his accusation, instead begging Lin Fan?
Could it be that Lin Fan did all this?
But how is this possible!
Not only the uncle Bai Hai, but even Bai Yi has an expression of seeing a ghost, and the look in his husband’s eyes is even more incredible.
However, Lin Fan’s face did not have the slightest emotional fluctuation, and all of this seemed to have nothing to do with him.
Until everyone’s shocked eyes.
Wu Xuepeng, the person in charge of the Blue Ocean Building, was like a dead dog and was taken out of the building by several policemen.
Until then, Niu Yunkui cautiously bowed to Lin Fan and Bai Yi, and said,
“Miss Bai, Mr. Lin! The criminal has been brought back to justice, thank you for their cooperation!”
Bai Yi’s head was a little confused, she didn’t know what she had cooperated with.
Especially after seeing Director Niu Yunkui’s respectful look towards herself, she was even more confused, unable to figure out what was going on.
Until Niu Yunkui and all the police escorted Wu Xuepeng to leave.
The entire lobby of the Blue Ocean Building fell into a dead silence.
The eyes of everyone in the Bai family stared at Bai Yi and Lin Fan, one by one, like a mourning test, and their faces looked like ashes.
That’s it!
The Blue Ocean Building finally fell into Bai Yi’s hands, and their Bai family was wiped out for one hundred and fifty million. This made a trace of ominous premonition permeated the hearts of all Bai family members.

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Although the author of this novel obviously emphasize the greatness of Lin Fan, but poorly portrayed Bai Yi being so damn idiot all through these chapters.

Well, this is his/her novel, though doesn’t really feel good to readers knowing how stupid Bai Yi is. there are so many instances that was so obvious pertaining to Lin Fan’s greatness and yet the author play Bai Yi’s imbecility.

Despite of this, i still read this novel. Well it’s free to read! 🙂

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