Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 536

In the voice of Blood Buddha, there was a deep and solemn color.
As if in his eyes, it is hard to imagine that three ways to abolish his own disciple.
Seeing the look of Blood Buddha, finally changed.
Li Shu, Zhang Lei and others were ecstatic.
Zhang Lei hurriedly struck the iron while it was hot, and only needed to say:
“It’s true! Old Mr. Bloody Buddha, the great master not only abolished the blood wolf, but also released a madman saying that you are under his hands and can’t support a move!”
As soon as these words came out, Xuefutu’s body trembled more violently.
Obviously, Zhang Lei added fuel and vinegar, sow discord, and it worked.
This is more than that.
Zhang Lei continued:
“Besides, Mr. Xuefutu, the great master surnamed Lin, when he defeated your disciple, he smashed his mysterious tortoise shell with one blow and crushed his Cold-blooded spear!”
Until this sentence falls!
The Blood Buddha finally calmed down, and he suddenly sat up from the ground.
Turned his head.
Until the face of the bloody Buddha, after facing everyone, Zhang Lei and others were shocked.
That’s right!
This is an extremely ugly face.
The knife marks and scars on her face made her unable to see her original appearance, especially the vicissitudes of her eyes, which seemed to see through everything in the world, giving people an unimaginable chill.
“This…Is this the Bloody Buddha?”
Zhang Lei was trembling with fright.
Just the look in the bloody Buddha’s eyes gave him the illusion that he was being stared at by the devil, and he almost fell to the ground in fright.
More than him!
After seeing the icy eyes of the Bloody Buddha, the ten bodyguards almost instinctively reached out and pulled their hands toward their waists.
But at this moment!
call out!
Under the incredible eyes of the ten powerful bodyguards, they were stunned to see that the fishing line without hooks turned into a steel wire from its softness.
Almost in the blink of an eye, it flashed before the necks of ten people.
Tick tick!
This fishing line is extremely sharp.
The skin of the necks of the four bodyguards was cut a little, and the blood dripped from their necks.
This scene scared ten people into urine.
They only need to advance one point, and they can be sure that their ten people are like the four northwest wolves, with their bodies separated.
Obviously the Bloody Buddha didn’t mean to kill them. With a pair of icy eyes, he stared directly at Zhang Lei, and said Senran:
“The person you said can really do it. One punch to explode the mysterious tortoise shell. Crushed the cold blood gun?”
At this moment, there was no hatred in the eyes of the bloody Buddha, but a strong will to fight.
It seems that a hunter who looks superb has seen a fat girl’s prey, revealing a strong color of ecstasy.
“No… yes!” Zhang Lei only felt that he was scared to pee at this moment, and his pants were all wet.
And hear this!
Bloody Buddha suddenly became ecstatic:
“Hahaha…interesting! Very interesting!”
“In Huaxia, can you finally meet a tough opponent like our old brothers? It’s really exciting, looking forward to Mo Ming!”

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