Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 54

Seeing Liu Zhen appearing in front of him, Zhong Bin, Huang Guosheng and the others shuddered, and they all felt a tingling scalp.
what happened?
what’s happening!
How could a little Lin Fan provoke the richest man in Jiangnan, major general of the military region, and Jiangnan No. 1!
My God…
Zhong Bin’s body trembled like chaff, completely scared of urine.
In particular, he found that the gaze of this big guy looked at him, filled with cruelty and disgust, as if he had done something violent.
“Liu…Chairman Liu…”
Zhong Bin swallowed fiercely and said with a trembling voice.
It was just that his words had just been uttered, and Liu Zhen’s eyes suddenly became cold:
“Zhong Bin, you are so courageous. With the help of your position, you actually avenge your personal revenge!” “Do you know, who is Mr. Lin?”
Zhong Bin was at a loss, and Huang Guosheng and others in the video were even more blank.
Isn’t Lin Fan just a son-in-law?
What background can he have.
“Huh! Let me tell you!” President Liu Zhen’s complexion was green, and his voice was filled with supreme majesty:
“The Mr. Lin Fan you arrested is one of the four major army seats in China! Global Group New A master!”
At the exit of this sentence, Zhong Bin’s whole body seemed to have been drained of all strength, completely limp on the ground.
In the video, there is even more ping-pong, noisy.
Huang Guosheng was also scared to the ground.
What followed was quiet and depressed!
Sweat dripped from the foreheads of Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng.
The two only felt that they seemed to be dreaming.
One of the four great army seats, Lin seat!
The new owner of the world, Lin Fan!
How can it be!
How could this be so…
Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng only felt at this moment that the whole world was crazy.
Just now.
Liu Zhen didn’t care about the panic of the two of them. He took out a stack of documents from behind, then glanced at Zhong Bin indifferently and said:
“Zhong Bin, we have checked it out. You are suspected of embezzlement, and use your position to blackmail. , Blackmail! Cao Jian life!”
“In the sixteenth year of China, you joined Huang Guosheng to imprison your competitor Wang Long by improper means, buying murder and killing people in prison!”
“Eighteen years of China…”
At this moment, Liu Zhentian The mighty voice read paragraph after paragraph of the crimes of Zhong Bin and Huang Guosheng.
It’s just that Zhong Bin has long been dumbfounded and can’t hear a word at all.
That’s it!
He only knew that he was completely finished.
Capture Huaxia Linzuo, master of the world?
What’s so special about myself… is a real neurosis.
“Ah ah ah!”
Just at this time, it is a scream, pass out from within the video.
But it was Xu Yanhong. On her glamorous face, she screamed like she had seen a ghost:
“I…I know! In Best Shopping Mall, you…Mr. Lin you are going to meet is actually Lin Fan!”
“The army seat is Lin Fan, and the new global master is Lin Fan! What, how could this be! Bai Yi, how could your waste husband be such a powerful character!”
Xu Yanhong was like crazy.
Stupidly stupid, his eyes dull.
Huang Tao on the side was even more frightened and fainted.
Neither couple dreamed of it.
The people they worshipped in the Best Shopping Mall before and couldn’t flatter, turned out to be the ones they deliberately suppressed and murdered.

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