Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 540

This is more than that.
A red carpet was quickly laid down from the lobby of the hotel.
A welcoming lady, standing on both sides of the red carpet, on the handsome faces, full of enthusiasm smiles.
at the same time.
A banner was actually raised from the door of Caesar Hotel.
There are a few words written on it!
“Welcome to Mr. Lin and Miss Bai, come to Caesar Hotel!”
After seeing this banner, Bai Yifan, Lin Guangyao, Shen Jian and others were all dumbfounded.
Mr. Lin!
Miss Bai!
Does it mean Lin Fan and Bai Yi?
But how is this possible.
The faces of the three of them were full of abundance and uncertainty, but at this moment.
Da da da!
The sound of uniform footsteps came out from inside the Caesars Hotel, and then everyone saw that middle-aged men in suits and leather shoes with majestic faces stepped out of the hotel.
“That’s Zhou Wanshan, the owner of Caesars Hotel! My God, he… how did he personally greet him!”
Lin Guangyao and the three were dumbfounded.
They know that Wanshan is definitely a big brother in Jiangshi this week.
Except for giants like Xu Tianlong, there is no one at all who can put him in the eye.
And go out to meet?
This is even more impossible.
But now.
“Hahaha…Mr. Lin, Miss Bai, welcome!”
Zhou Wanshan brought a group of senior figures from the Caesars Hotel, hula la, to Lin Fan and Bai Yi.
Then they bowed one by one, with a strong expression of reverence on their faces:
“I also just learned that Mr. Lin and Miss Bai are coming to our hotel, and they hurried out to greet him. If there is any negligence, please Mr. Wanglin and Miss Bai, forgive me!”
Zhou Wanshan’s expression at this moment was extremely humble.
And this scene made everyone here hardly believe their eyes.
Bai Yifan, Lin Guangyao, and Shen Jian were completely messed up.
They looked at Lin Fan as if they had seen a ghost.
what happened?
In terms of what this guy is wearing, he is not qualified to enter the Caesars Hotel.
Now, the Caesars Hotel not only greeted them with banners and carpets, even the owner Zhou Wanshan came to greet them in person.
This has simply subverted their three views.
More than them!
At this moment, even Bai Yi was stunned.
He had naturally seen Zhou Wanshan at the engagement ceremony of Shen Jian. At that time, the Shen family arranged their family of four at the door.
It was Zhou Wanshan, Liu Zhen, No. 1 Provincial No. 1 and others, who came to accompany them and brought the delicacies of the Caesar Hotel.
Bai Yi originally thought that it was just a coincidence.
But now!
“Could it be because of Lin Fan the last time? This time it was also because of Lin Fan?”
Bai Yi looked at her husband as if he had seen a ghost.
However, Lin Fan didn’t seem to be aware of it. Facing the courtesy of Zhou Wanshan and others, he just smiled faintly, and then asked:
“Boss Zhou, I heard someone say that you can’t enter the Caesars Hotel without a suit or tie?”
Lin Fan’s faint words made the faces of Zhou Wanshan and all the high-levels of Caesars Hotel pale with fright.
They quickly wiped the sweat from their foreheads and responded.
“Mr. Lin joked! Others must suit and tie, but Mr. Lin naturally doesn’t use it!”
In a word, Lin Guangyao and others were even more shocked.

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