Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 547

Your woman, I want it~
Leng Bufan’s words are domineering and arrogant, especially his condescending eyes looking down on Lin Fan, as if looking down on an ant crawler.
Hearing this, Lin Fan narrowed his eyes slightly.
Obviously, he did not expect that Leng Bufan would be so arrogant and domineering.
“Five million!”
Leng Bufan stared at Lin Fan, with a thick smile on his mouth, and said a number.
five million.
This is already a huge wealth that an ordinary person can hardly earn in his entire life.
Leng Bufan had heard that the trash son-in-law in front of him was just eating and waiting to die in the Bai family.
No job, no income.
He could conclude that Lin Fan could not even think about hearing the five million.
At this moment, Leng Bufan’s face was full of arrogance and confidence, as if waiting for Lin Fan’s consent.
Leng Bufan frowned, and he realized that Lin Fan didn’t say a word, but instead looked at him as if he was looking at a mentally retarded person.
“Not too small?” In Leng Bufan’s eyes, a flash of contempt flashed:
“Then add another five million! Ten million, let me give Bai Yi, how about?”
Ten million!
This is definitely a sky-high price that can impress any ordinary man.
Leng Bufan has self-confidence. Any ordinary man can never calm down after hearing the number 10 million.
Unfortunately, let him down again.
Lin Fan still didn’t say a word, his eyes grew colder.
“Not too small?”
Leng Bufan frowned, and then he couldn’t help but sneered:
“Huh! Lin Fan, everyone in Jiangshi said that you are a trash son-in-law! It’s just that everyone didn’t expect that you are quite greedy. ! ” ”
good! this small meet you, twenty million you tomorrow and white Iranian divorce! never leave her! ”
I have to say!
Leng Bufan can be said to have lost his blood.
Twenty million for a woman is absolutely crazy for many rich second generations.
And now, Leng Bufan looked more like he was sending Lin Fan this beggar.
Still no response at all.
On the contrary, Lin Fan looked at Leng Bufan’s gaze, as if he was looking at an idiot, full of playfulness and disdain.
Leng Bufan was completely irritated by Lin Fan’s ignorant look at this moment.
There was a hint of coldness on his handsome face:
“Good boy, it seems that you don’t know good or bad. If that’s the case, don’t blame me for making things difficult for you!”
Leng Bufan smiled at Lin Fanyin, and then snapped his fingers with a’pop’.
This snapping finger is like a signal.
After hearing this voice, Zhou Nan, who was chatting with Bai Yi, screamed in an instant:
“Ah! My ruby ​​and diamond ring is gone!”
“Oh my god, my expensive ruby ​​and diamond ring! Thief! Here! There is a thief!”
Zhou Nan’s scream was extremely loud, and everyone in the entire box was immediately startled.
The music stopped.
The young talents around also stopped the dancing, one by one, all came up.
After all, Zhou Nan is Leng Bufan’s girlfriend, and the hostess of this banquet, her diamond ring is missing. This is definitely a big event.
“Miss Zhou, how could you lose your diamond ring? Has it been stolen?”

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